Folks, the Perspective Research Department has done a lot of fact-finding on this issue, and discovered the real reason Montreal bars can now stay open until the sun comes up!
The bars used to close at 3 a.m. and the drunk revelers were the only people on the streets after that.
Now, with the later, (or earlier) hours, the drunks can mingle in with the people going to work, and be less obvious to the cops!
Sneaky, eh?
imagePolice are searching for two suspects after a pair of puppies was stolen from a home in an Internet sale gone wrong.
Shortly after a Brant County, Ont. homeowner posted an ad for two Pomeranian puppies online, a man and a woman showed up at the home to see the dogs.
The couple was let in to the residence on Norwich Road at 4 p.m. on Good Friday to view the puppies, which are about two months old.
Police said one of the suspects then pulled out a knife and physically assaulted the homeowner. The suspects then grabbed the cream-coloured puppies, ran to their vehicle parked outside and drove away.
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Folks, this blog is primarily about Canada, and sometimes about the States as well, since a lot of what happens there is directly felt here.
imagesCAZPANQFOnce in a while a comment about other places seems necessary so here goes:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called the Nazi Holocaust “the most heinous crime” against humanity in modern times in a statement released on Sunday, an apparent bid to build bridges with Israel days after troubled peace talks collapsed.
Abbas has condemned the mass killings of Jews in World War Two before and challenged allegations, stemming from a 1983 book he authored, that he is a Holocaust denier.
But the timing of the publication of his latest comments gave them extra significance, a day after he signaled he remained committed to the peace talks and said a future Palestinian unity government would recognize Israel.
Look kids, why is Mahmoud Abbas kidding himself like this?
Doesn’t he realize that there will never be peace in Israel until the Jews have annexed all of the West Bank, and perhaps Gaza as well?
We here at “Allan’s Perspective” do not agree, or disagree, with this policy kids, it’s just the way it is, and I don’t know why the Arabs can’t get that through their heads!
Morrissey is our “Asshole of the Day!”
Elizabeth Renzetti, The Globe and Mail

asshole trophyWhen pop singer Morrissey compared the Canadian seal hunt to the building of the Auschwitz death camp, it was shocking, but hardly his first day at the crazy rodeo. In the past, he has said that eating baby sheep is equivalent to eating baby humans, and that consuming animal flesh is akin to genocide. “If you believe in the abattoir, then you would support Auschwitz. There’s no difference,” he wrote on his website earlier this year.
The useful thing about hearing a Hitler comparison is that it clearly indicates the lack of effort expended on the argument. It’s like watching someone wear sweatpants on a first date: Why even bother?
Sometimes the Nazi comparisons come at the end of debate, when your opponent has run out of steam and starts screaming, “That’s exactly what Hitler would do!” This process is often called Godwin’s Law and occurs in social media or at house parties well after midnight. (I would add to this Renzetti’s Law: If you’re standing in someone’s kitchen at 4 a.m. holding a purple drink and referring to anything as “fascist,” it’s time to go home.)

How’s THIS for a headline?
“Booming Alberta faces growing homeless problem. Oil boom has raised housing prices in rural and urban areas!”
(Most homeless people in Alberta live in Calgary or Edmonton, but a growing number can now be found in rural areas as well!)
Doesn’t matter where ya live boys and girls, it’s hard to imagine being homeless in Alberta during a winter blizzard when it’s forty below!

ON OLD URBAN LEGEND IS MAKING A COMEBACK FOLKS: Back in the 70′s rumour had it that McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc, were using WORMS as filler for their hamburgers!
Well guess what kids?
Somebody started the rumour all over again!
(Scientists do, however, tell us that worms have more protein than beef does! And the real kicker about this tid-bit is that worms actually COST MORE than beef does!)
ANOTHER HEADLINE FOR THE RECORD BOOKS, FOLKS: “More Americans renouncing their citizenship!
And wouldn’t ya know it, we get most of them! (It’s sort of like the Vietnam era all over again!)

7864ac2be4429d86a3b6f2291c9ea610Investigators are searching for more than a dozen birds and eggs stolen from a Charlottetown backyard last week, according to City Police.
The owner contacted police on April 25th, reporting that the 13 parakeets and 6 unhatched eggs were snatched in a brief, 16-minute period in the late afternoon from her yard in the 9700 block of Bragg Lane.
The cage that the birds were in when stolen was described as a white wire cage with newspapers on the bottom.
Police suspect the perpetrators have flown the coop!

Russia’s anti terror plan threatens to ban Facebook, Gmail, Skype Nepal National (ANI)
Friday 25th April, 2014

Russia’s parliament has reportedly passed legislation that will ban Western technology firms from operating on failure to store data within Russia.
According to CNET, the “Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information” amendment, part of the country’s anti-terrorism laws, would require Russian data handled by tech giants such as Facebook, Google’s Gmail, and Microsoft’s Skype to be stored within the country in order for it to be accessed by state security and intelligence services for legal inspection.
The move will facilitate the Russian government’s surveillance plans that include snooping on user data.
However, the legislation is yet to be approved by Russian president Vladimir Putin.
Once the legislation gets the president’s nod, Russia would force foreign companies to install servers and data centers inside the country in order to be compliant, which in turn would give greater control to the Russian Federal Security Service over the Russian Internet, the report adds. (ANI)
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Now we are getting some details that are very disturbing ……………., without going into all the ins and outs of the whole thing, let us just say that “The Cloud” is not a secure as most people wouold have you believe!
ONE EXAMPLE: Remember all the bullshit with a guy called “MEGA-UPLOAD?”
Well it seems that most of the stuff stored with that site was deleted…….., never to be seen again, when the Feds seized it for taxes, etc!
Here’s another headline: Iron Sheik says Rob Ford snubbed him at lunch date!
Toronto mayor Rob Ford may be in for a Camel Clutch after wrestling star The Iron Sheik said he ditched him for lunch Saturday.
The wrestler is in the city to promote his latest project at the Hot Docs film festival and instead of meeting with the embattled mayor, the Iron Sheik honoured another mayoral candidate, Olivia Chow, with whom he had lunch at Bellybuster Submarines.
“We wanted to honour Olivia because she’s been supporting us and she’s a big wrestling fan. She will be crowned the heavyweight champion. The Sheik’s partner in crime,” said Page Magen, one of the Sheik’s agents and a producer of the documentary.
Chow was handed the Iron Sheik’s golden heavyweight champion belt and a belly busting sandwich for the honour.
“I have a lot of respect for Olivia Chow because she is a real excellent lady and is an honoured Iron Sheik’s friend,” said the wrestler.


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