Folks, my mother once told me ya could never get in trouble for telling the truth!
Now, I don’t know if that’s 100% true because I once told a woman she had a really nice ass……………, and she slapped me (Although I did end up on a date with her ……., but unfortunately ya can’t fix stupid!)
The owner of a northern Manitoba fishing lodge apologized Wednesday for comments in his visitors guide that said aboriginals cannot handle alcohol. “It was a total mistake and should not have been in there. It’s an old trip planning guide that I’ve used for like 15 years and I had no idea that that was even in there,” Brent Fleck of Laurie River Lodge said via phone from the facility near Lynn Lake. “I’ve issued an apology to the chief down in Pukatawagan and to the natives that work for me and … it’s certainly not our opinion and not something that we want to forward in any way shape or form.”
The lodge’s Facebook page was filled with angry comments over a section of the 37-page brochure for people planning a trip to the lodge.
(A paragraph on page 10 of the brochure warns guests not to give alcohol to aboriginal guides.)
Are things so politically correct now that you can’t tell the truth for fear of OFFENDING someone?
I remember a time when a lot of towns had what was known as an “Indian list!”
That was a list of all the Indians who couldn’t handle their liquor!
(God know I almost got myself on the list a few times……………….., and I’m not even an Indian!)
The end result was that Arlen Dumas, chief of the Mathias Colomb First Nation, which includes Pukatawagan, wrote a letter demanding an apology from the lodge to its aboriginal employees.
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Speaking about Indians, you do realize that they got back at us for taking their land and giving them alchohol and all sorts of nasty diseases………………………..!
Matter of fact, we are now doing our best to get rid of tobacco: When Lorillard Inc bought the blu eCigs brand two years ago, the electronic cigarette had a 10 percent share of a tiny U.S. market, generating about $50 million in sales. It was available in only 12,000 retail outlets and over the Internet.
Today, the U.S. tobacco company’s marketing and distribution muscle, including its use of frequent TV commercials and concert sponsorships, has taken blu into 149,000 outlets and driven its U.S. market share to about 47 percent. Annual sales have quadrupled to more than $200 million.
Harold Claffey was eating lunch at a local restaurant Wednesday when an individual came inside and told those gathered that an individual was kicking a nearby grey car. (The vehicle in question happened to be owned by Caffey.)
Upon inspection, the damage sustained on the passenger’s side of the 2007 Chevrolet Impala was clearly evident in four spots – on the trunk, on the rear door and on both sides of the front wheel.
“I saw him calmly walking up Main Street and had a friend follow him,” Caffey told the Times-Herald shortly before 4 p.m.
Caffey called the Moose Jaw Police Service (MJPS) and told them the direction the suspect was headed in after leaving the scene of the incident on Oxford Street.
MJPS located the suspect and arrested him in the A&W parking lot, just west of Main Street North.
The unnamed man was charged with mischief and is scheduled to make a court appearance at a later date.
However, Claffey is more concerned about the potential that his vehicle could be written off, plus another court battle he will have on his hands.
“I’m going to have to take him to small-claims court for the deductible on my insurance,” said Claffey.
This incident is still under investigation

An 89-year-old store owner used a golf club to beat off a suspected robber who wielded a sword, prompting the suspect to drop the stolen cash register as he made away on a bicycle, according to police and reports to the Perspective Naked News department.
Police say owner Miyo Koba was inside Frank’s Superette on Sunday morning when a tall, slender male wearing a ski mask and dark glasses swooped in. Koba has owned the store in this community and kept it up even after her husband died, police said.

Her store is popular among local high schoolers and is a block and a half from the school, police said.
When Koba found the suspect standing behind the cash register Sunday, she set about a campaign of aggression.
Police describe Koba as a small woman who weighs no more than 125 pounds.
“I had the scissors in my hand like this, and he was trying to open the till, and he said, ‘Open the till!’ ” Koba said, giving blow-by-blow details. “I said, ‘No, I’m not going to open the till for you,’ and I said, ‘If you don’t get your hands off the till, I’m going to stab you with my scissors.’ “
Koba admitted she didn’t have the nerve to stab the suspect, but her tactics apparently had an effect.
The suspect became unnerved when Koba would not open the register, “He started pounding on the register trying to open it,” Koba said.
“He pulled out his little sword out of his little jacket, and he just kind of waved it a little bit,” she said, making reference to the man’s 3-foot weapon.

The suspect pushed Koba, and she fell, spotting the golf club, she said.
4146-Religious-Adam-Covering-His-Sexual-Organ-Penis-With-A-Leaf-Clipart“I … tried to swing this club at him, and I tried to hit his head a couple of times, but I couldn’t reach it,” Koba told the news organization.
No matter. She went for his legs, swinging and hitting them.
The man escaped on a bicycle, cash register and sword in tow, but police said Koba later recovered the register nearby with the money still in it.
The man apparently stripped after he left the store because police found his clothing after the incident. Police said they are continuing the investigation.
Koba said the would-be robber with the “little” sword never fazed her.
Edward Snowden says that during his time as a contractor with the National Security Agency he raised concerns about the extent of its electronic surveillance, but the NSA’s own search of email shows he only asked the agency’s legal department for a single “clarification” on a technical issue.
Following a request for internal communication involving Snowden, the NSA told the Senate Intelligence Committee that there is no evidence that he “expressed concerns or complaints, in email or any other form, about NSA’s intelligence activities to anyone in a position of authority or oversight.”
It’s a really simple concept — underwear with a special pocket in the front. But Speakeasy Briefs have taken off in the past year, becoming way more popular than their designers ever expected.
“It was a pretty crazy year, and after year one, we’re finding our legs,” says co-creator Dan Goldman, in an interview with NPR.
Use cases abound! Just hanging around your house in your underwear and don’t want to be apart from your phone? Well, the Speakeasy pocket is one place for it.
Or, you can stash your most important things — there’s room for a flask — when you’re at a crowded place like a music festival, or in an unfamiliar city where you might get mugged. These briefs also seem to be a real hit at bachelor parties or as a gift for groomsmen.
“The real goal is to build it out into a full lifestyle fashion brand and go from there,” Goldman says.
But the idea for the Speakeasy was to solve a common college problem — how to sneak in cheaper alcohol into sporting events and concerts.
“We were watching the pat-downs outside at Outside Lands Music Festival, and we saw someone try to bring in their own flask of alcohol and it got taken away from him. And then we saw what drink prices were at this festival and thought, gosh, this is ridiculous, we could probably solve this pain point for people pretty easily,” Goldman says.
San Francisco-based creators Goldman and Jeff Schneider raised three times the original $10,000 they asked for on Kickstarter to develop these briefs. They just finished their second manufacturing run, and report that the company is in the black and the briefs are selling online for $23.95 each, or $59.95 for a “Weekend Warrior 3-Pack.”

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