Folks, do members of the media just automatically assume that we’re all idiots, or am I just being overly sensitive?
My beef this time is not with the left, but rather that bastion of right wing conservatives, Sun News!
Here’s the story: They were running down the provincial liberals here in Ontario and talking about the gas plant scandal. (Again)
The subject was that guy who was the boyfriend of one of the ministers …. and had the contract to service government computers. (The real issue should have been why this guy had a government contract when he was the ministers boyfriend ….., but it wasn’t!)
What the beef was about was the fact that this guy didn’t even have a background check performed when he got the maintenance contract, because then they would have found out he had a past criminal conviction for impaired driving!
OH NO!!!!!!!
That’s right kids, it was implied that the computer mechanic was not qualified and certainly not morally capable of fixing government computers because he drove drunk at some time in his past!
NOW HERE’S THE POINT FOLKS: They said it in such a way that assumed we wouldn’t notice there was really no connection between the two …………., that we would agree because they said so!
AND ..., The scary part is this:  I don’t doubt some people said: Ya, right, hang the bastards!

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