WELL FOLKS, IT’S OFFICIAL: “No new rats found at Alberta landfill plagued by rodents!”
That’s right kids, not one new rat found in the dump ………………., according to a just completed survey, it’s still all the old rats that are there!
(Once again folks, REMEMBER, ya heard it here first!)
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/no-new-rats-found-at-alberta-landfill-plagued-by-rodents-1.1801382#ixzz30YlbAu5O

Well boys and girls, it was seventeen years ago today: On this day in 1997, police discovered the bodies of 39 people inside a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, near San Diego, California.
A charismatic former music teacher and 38 of his followers, all members of a religious cult called Heaven’s Gate, had killed themselves in order to hook up with a UFO that would transport them to heaven.
According to latest reports sent in to the Perspective Research Department they are now in the vicinity of the double star system “Sirius” which they will then loop around, and head for Epsilon Eridani!
All 39 people are expected to reach heaven sometime in 2023.
SPEAKING OF UFO SECTS, GET A LOAD OF THIS HEADLINE: “Country stymies opening of UFO sect’s Clitoral Restoration Hospital!”
untitledRaelians (A bunch of nuts originally from Quebec) believe that life on earth was created by extraterrestrials called Elohim, who will one day return to earth to judge humanity.

Founder Raël (real name: Clause Vorhilhon), claims the Elohim created us in laboratories using their own DNA, and says we will soon be able to clone ourselves as well.
(Matter of fact, in 2002 the sect claimed to have produced the world’s first cloned baby. -NOT!)
According to Raël’s beliefs, cloning would make reproduction through sexual intercourse unnecessary and outmoded, which is why he teaches that the purpose of sex is purely pleasure.
Sexual pleasure is extremely difficult or even impossible for women who have been subjected to Female Genital Mutilation (FMG), a cruel practice that involves “partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.”1
In response to this practice — which occurs around the world, but particularly in Africa — the Raelians in 2008 decided to build a hospital in the West African country of Burkina Faso, where women could come to have their clitorises “reconstructed.”
The ‘Pleasure Hospital’ was built by Clitoraid, a Las Vegas-based charity founded by wealthy Raelians and backed by the International Raelian Movement.
The hospital was supposed to open earlier this month, but though country — the poorest in Africa — has allowed the hospital to be built, the government has refused to allow it to open.

A planned Canada-U.S. bridge project is under attack in an American courtroom.
There’s an effort to stall the project from billionaire Matthew Moroun, the owner of the rival Ambassador Bridge.
(The aging structure handles nearly one-third of all Canada-U.S. trade.)
Matthew who is referred to as the “troll under the bridge,” trying to persuade a judge to block the new government-supported span between Windsor and Detroit, which he says could put them him of business.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/ambassador-bridge-project-comes-under-attack-in-u-s-court-1.1801549#ixzz30YreblZK

I guess I can be a sick puppy at times folks!
imagesCAH6HI7RThere’s a guy in Sarnia, (whom I vaguely know) that just got sent to jail for smearing “excrement” on his ex-wife’s front door!
Thats’ right bunky, he walked up to her door last weekend and smeared shit all over it!
Now instead of thinking about how despicable, rude, disgusting, sick, abominable, deranged and disturbed the guy is……………., the first thought that crossed my mind was: “Gee, I hope he wore gloves!”
SPEAKING OF SHIT! A dog’s DNA doesn’t lie.
With this in mind, building superintendent Karen Peevy turned to the Internet to confirm that, indeed, CSI-style forensics could match a mound of poop to the critter that deposited it.
“We are starting a program known as PooPrints,” she wrote last month. “We will need a cheek swab DNA sample of all community dogs.”

The cheek-swabbing began Thursday, just one small reflection of a growing pet-DNA industry.
k1847828And given the problem on the ground, who wouldn’t hope this industry succeeds?
Helping Wau-Lin-Cree management along is an outfit with the same name, PooPrints.
At a cost of $35 for each dog owner in the complex, PooPrints will collect, analyze and store genetic profiles in a global database, enabling sleuths to match future fecal samples to the dog that dumped it.
“I’ve been so excited about this,” Peevy said. “Once we have every dog swabbed, we’ll go through a very thorough cleaning of the grounds before we start collecting and testing new stuff that shows up.
“Our hope is that people on their own will start picking up after their pets.”
Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2014/05/01/4996797/every-dog-has-its-dna-growing.html#storylink=cpy
SASKATCHEWAN REPORT: Well folks, for once you dauntless reporter has a few good words to say about human rights commissions!
This cop should be sent home for a few weeks without pay!
A Saskatoon man with no arms is taking his case against a police constable to the Human Rights Commission.
cpw1015183809_highSteve Simonar made headlines across the country earlier this year when he complained about the officer’s attitude while giving him his first ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.

He said the officer brusquely told him if he couldn’t wear a seatbelt, he shouldn’t be driving.
Simonar cannot physically buckle up but has been driving in customized vehicles for years.
The fine resulting from his ticket was withdrawn in court after the province gave him a medical exemption allowing him to drive without a belt.
But Simonar wanted an apology for how he was treated by the officer and filed a complaint with the Public Complaints Commission.
On Thursday, he said no resolution came from that so he decided to go to the human rights commission.
“It was nothing, they missed the point of the whole thing,” Simonar said, adding the commission found no wrongdoing on anyone’s part. “Like I said right from the get-go, I’m ready to go as far as I have to … to get satisfaction out of this and I’m not satisfied yet.”Simonar said the ticket was never the driving factor behind the complaint, rather it was the officer’s attitude.
Kelsey Fraser with the Saskatoon Police Service said they were unaware of the human rights complaint.
Simonar lost his arms after he was electrocuted in a boating accident in 1985. He learned to drive with his feet, using his left foot to turn a small steering wheel near the floor and his right foot to work the gas and brake pedals. He also uses his feet to open the door and turn the key.
NEW BRUNSWICK REPORT : Well folks, we started today with an animals story so we might as well finish with one too!
An angry beaver was roaming around Miramichi on Tuesday, creating traffic delays and chasing onlookers.
Jim O’Neill was driving his taxi when he noticed a man being chased by a beaver off King George Highway on Tuesday.
“You look out the corner of your eye and see a beaver backing somebody up the driveway,” he said.
So, O’Neill stopped the cab and took out his camera.
Snapping a few pictures, O’Neill got about 2.5 metres away from the beaver before it turned on him.
“Slapped his tail on the driveway, slapped his front feet on the ground. He came on,” he said.
“So I backed up to try it again and jeez he got quite aggressive. He was camera shy.”
The rodent, possibly displaced from its home due to recent flooding, spent most of Tuesday afternoon roaming through town causing delays in traffic.
Miramichi Police Force were also called about the beaver as it was roaming around the northern city.
Sgt. Ed Arbeau said the Miramichi police deal with animals on a daily basis but this was a first.
“The damn thing was lost, it was going down the street. We didn’t do anything, we showed up and seen what it was,” Arbeau said.
“The guys left it alone, told the citizens to leave it alone and it went on its way to where it was going.”
Although quite rare, beavers have been known to attack people.
(Arbeau said it’s possible the large rodent had been provoked during its time in the city.)

Jim O’Neill took this picture of an angry beaver that was roaming around Miramichi on Tuesday. (Submitted by Jim O’Neill)
(By the way, putting the run to this little guy should not be confused with hunting for the “wide open beaver” which is a whole different thing entirely!)

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