Folks, “The Mrs. Herself” is always one step ahead of me and there doesn’t seem to be a damned thing I can do about it!
Came home today and said to her: “I just heard the greatest joke ……, listen to this!”
Three men, a priest, a minister and a rabbi, are walking through the wood and come across 3 bears!
After much discussion they decide to have a contest to see who can convert a bear to their particular faith, and how long will it take them!
The minister and the priest come back first, and the Baptist says to the Catholic, ”I just gave that bear some good old time religion, and when God smote him with lightning I quickly put him in the river to douse the flames ……, and at the same time I baptized him!"
The priest says: “I was a little more diplomatic and gentle than that. I read the bear a moving sermon, and then gave him communion and some wine to convert him!”
Just then the rabbi comes stumbling out of the woods, all beat up and cut up and ……………, AT WHICH POINT MY WIFE JUMPS UP AND SAYS: “What did the rabbi do, try and circumcise him?”

Like I said folks, she’s always one step ahead of me!

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