Folks, I wrote a book several years ago called “The Plain Truth About God!”
Basically, it tells us the history of religion and how the hierarchy of the major Faiths (Church, Synagog, Mosque, etc.) have used people’s beliefs in a higher power to further their own cause!
I call this “Priest-Craft!”
I got a lot of mail, both pro and con, but none that showed so much emotion, contempt, outrage and disgust as this guy!
The letter is a bit rambling and dis-jointed, and contrary to what he says, there is no historical evidence of Jesus except in the bible! (What this Josephus guy wrote is an oft quoted, but purely fictional account of Jesus!) Just the same, you might find it interesting.
And then again ……………., ya might not!

The author, Allan W. Janssen, is seriously deprived of Biblical, historical, and archeological knowledge.
God is not mocked, nor subject to personal views.
The Dead Sea scrolls though not Christian, do produce a fact, Isaiah was written approx. 700 years before Christ, and are perfectly precise and accurate.
Of course anyone who doesn’t know, the Qumran(dead sea tribe) scrolls were found in the 1940′s and have exact letter for letter manuscripts of Isaiah’s prophecy of Christ!
This is not, nor could be a “church” cover up.
Before one does an undertaking to seriously mislead people as knowledgable, one MUST actually do their homework and make sure what they are stating is fact.
The fcats we know are this: Pontius Pilate was a Roman Curator and governor, and did have Jesus from Nazareth crucified (Josephus, The Works of Josephus).
Jesus of Nazareth was a human, whom did exist during the reigh of Herod the Tetarch (fact).
After the crucifixion of Jesus, he was placed in a sealed tomb with a stone weighing close to 2 tons or more (fact) and placed under Roman elite guard (Josephus).
Jesus of Nazareth did compel many, many people with diverse miracles (fact).
Fact, the tomb is still empty!
And of course one last fact, many many witness saw Jesus after the resurrection, close to 500 witnesses who went to their deaths, being burned alive, eaten alive, or tortured to death for their faith in the only One who can give salvation…why did they do this…fame? (I think not, Rome didn’t like that)…legacy (I think not, they’re dead)…Riches (no way, you can’t take it with you)..then what? perhaps what they said is truth, they saw dead raised, sick healed, blind people see, deaf hear, and prophecies so long ago taught them totally true.
Think again Janssen.
THE MOST COMMON COMPLAINT I GOT WAS THAT I DIDN’T GET MY “FACTS” STRAIGHT. (This, of course, refers to the facts as they are described in the Bible!)

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