Folks, what people believe, and what the truth of the matter is, can very often be two different things!
Here are some examples of just how ridiculous beliefs can be!
Those Boko Haram Islamists believe that a round earth is a Western conspiracy………., as is evolution, immunizations, and Western education.
(Including the fact that rain comes from water that was evaporated by the sun!)
NO, really, I’m not making this up folks! They think the sun evaporating water to make rain is nonsense!
They totally reject Democracy and any form of government, and they just want to subject everyone to Sharia law!
Now, just so you don’t think it’s only people “over there” that are walking around in a delusional fog …, LISTEN TO THIS!

4146-Religious-Adam-Covering-His-Sexual-Organ-Penis-With-A-Leaf-Clipart60% of Americans believe that 9/11 was some kind of CONSPIRACY!
(That’s right folks, 60% of Americans are IDIOTS!)
OF COURSE IT WAS A CONSPIRACY KIDS ………………., there was a conspiracy by a group of fanatical Muslims to hijack a bunch of airplanes and fly them into American landmarks! Nothing more, nothing less!
(Speaking of raising your hand!)
There is a strange trend on the Internet where young men quell their teenaged angst and anger by proclaiming: “How much I don’t give a fuck!”

WELL, let me tell ya kids, those young shit disturbers can’t hold a candle to older guys like me!
Wanna know how much of a fuck I don’t give?
I just got a notice in my e-mail that someone was sending me 17 MILLION dollars ……………., and I didn’t even bother to reply!
THAT’S how much of a fuck I don’t give!!!!!!!!!!
1073307-Clipart-3d-Sexy-Blond-Pinup-Woman-In-The-Nude-5-Royalty-Free-CGI-IllustrationOn March 5th 2013, it was reported that a woman was brutally mauled and eaten by a hungry lion when she was enjoying a quickie in a Zimbabwean bush with her boyfriend.

The beast crept up behind the couple and latched onto Sharai Mawera as her boyfriend fled the scene to look for help – wearing nothing but a condom.
Passersby ignored his desperate pleas, thinking the naked man was mentally ill, until he convinced nearby wildlife officials who fired a warning shot into the bush – by which time the woman was already dead.
(Police later confirmed that the woman originally wanted someone to eat her pussy, but instead the pussy ate her!)
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THINGS WEREN’T ALWAYS BETTER IN THE OLD DAYS KIDS: Back when I was a young man we had women politicians WHO LOOKED LIKE THIS!

A three-wheeled, teardrop-shaped car has won Shell’s (RDSA) Eco-marathon Americas competition, a yearly contest that pits teams of students against each other in a race to build energy-efficient vehicles.

The winning group, from Université Laval in Quebec, overcame technical setbacks, including excess friction short circuits, to achieve an efficiency of 2,824 miles per gallon. To put that in perspective, the prototype could travel from New York to Los Angeles on less than a gallon of fuel. And that figure is still well below the 3,587 miles per gallon the same school achieved last year. (Université Laval has won five out of the last six Shell competitions.)

1057885-Royalty-Free-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Hairy-Nude-Shy-Man-Covering-Himself-Up-With-His-ArmsThe marathon was held in Houston, where teams competed in one of two classes: Prototype, which focuses on maximum efficiency, and UrbanConcept, which takes into account passenger comfort. Cars enter one of seven categories to run on conventional gas and diesel, biofuels, fuel made from natural gas, hydrogen, solar, or electricity. Over several days, teams drive a fixed number of laps around a circuit, traveling as far as they can on the equivalent of a gallon of fuel. Organizers calculate their energy efficiency and award $2,000 to the winner of each class.
Mater Dei High School, in Evansville, Ind., took top honors in the UrbanConcept category for its flying-saucer-like gas-fueled vehicle, reaching an efficiency of 849 mpg. Ford’s electric Focus manages a relatively scant 108 mpg on city streets.
So if a group of students can build a hyper-efficient vehicle, what’s standing in the way of carmakers doing the same? For starters, these prototypes are built to conserve fuel, not for everyday safety and speed.

Still, the projects are inspiring troves of innovative concepts. For instance, an electric-battery vehicle from Saint Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights, Minn., featured a 3D-printed steering wheel that included a button for radio communication between the driver and the rest of the team. St. Paul’s School, from Covington, La., fashioned the seat in its diesel vehicle from kombucha, a microbial culture that can be consumed as tea or, in this case, turned into vegetable leather. Perhaps Detroit’s automakers are the ones who should be taking notes.
OTTAWA — The Conservative government is backing a third season of the controversial reality TV program Border Security despite a written recommendation from the head of the federal border agency to bail out of the show.
In a four-page memo last October to Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, Canada Border Services Agency president Luc Portelance said he was “unable to recommend that we consider a third season at this time.”
The memo, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act, noted the program had raised the ire of civil libertarians and faced a formal privacy complaint.

It concluded the “‘risk/reward ratio’ for the project is questionable.”
However, the border agency said the minister gave the nod in January to federal participation in a new season of the show. Filming is now underway in British Columbia and Ontario.

Border Security: Canada’s Front Line, which began airing on the National Geographic Channel in 2012, chronicles encounters between border officers and the public. The unscripted series has been seen by more than 11 million Canadians and airs in over 50 other countries.
1067863-Clipart-Flasher-Man-From-Behind-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationThe border agency contributes $200,000 in communications support to the show annually along with some management oversight.
In the Oct. 9 memo to Blaney, Portelance said the program represented “good value for money” and an innovative way to inform Canadians about the agency’s work.
“Notwithstanding the popularity of the show, there continues to be some risk in participating in a project of this type,” Portelance added in the memo, which was prompted by an inquiry about a new season from the private production company behind the series.
Filming of the border agency’s arrest of allegedly undocumented workers last year led to a public outcry about the appropriateness of the government’s participation in the show.
The groups No One is Illegal called for the program’s cancellation and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association voiced its objections. The federal privacy commissioner is investigating a complaint about the show.

In addition, Portelance wrote, the TV program “is not directly linked to either our key priorities or our core business.”
“While we believe that the show engenders pride among CBSA employees, and perhaps Canadians in general, there are no measurable outcomes that can be readily attributed to this show.”
Given this, and the “various challenges” the project had faced, he recommended that Blaney “not approve” participation in a third season.
1110171-Clipart-Cartoon-Embarassed-Naked-Man-Covering-His-Privates-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationBlaney spokesman Jason Tamming confirmed to The Canadian Press that the minister gave a new season the green light, but he did not provide any details.
The border services agency changed its position on continuing with the show, though it is not clear exactly why.
The border agency committed to a third season “after thorough internal discussions, and with the support of the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness,” agency spokesman Luc Nadon said in an emailed statement.
The agency refused to say who initiated a reopening of the file following the October 2013 recommendation not to proceed, or whether the minister was involved in the internal discussions. It would say only that the minister provided final approval on Jan. 21.
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