Down in the U.S, of A. it looks more and more as if Hillary Clinton will run for the Presidency in 2016.
Just to show you how nasty the Republicans can be, they’re sticking to their story that Hillary got brain damage when she bumped her head a few months ago!
(I can tell ya who it is that has the brain damage, folks!)
Not being happy with bringing the Government to its knees, they warned Ms. Clinton that the ‘brain damage’ thing was only a warm up to what they have planned for her next if she pursues this Presidential thing!!

(Here is a picture of Hillary as the GOP portrays her!)

A United nation report on violence against women has found that in India a woman is raped every twenty minutes. SOMEBODY HELP THAT POOR WOMAN!
(Please don’t send any letters folks!)
After yesterday’s stunning election win / defeat in Ontario, I heard an interview with a staunch Conservative who gave his assessment of what the Conservatives did wrong!
He said: “I don’t want to get into the nuances of who did what………………, let me just say that: YA DON’T START A CAMPAIGN BY TELLING EVERYBODY HOW MANY JOBS YER GONNA CUT!”
Remember in the Batman movie “The Dark Knight” when Michael Caine said: “Some men just want to watch the world burn!”
Since this million dollar house was going to fall into the abyss anyway, they got a hold of that guy to torch it!

Smoke rises from a house deliberately set on fire, days after part of the ground it was resting on collapsed into Lake Whitney, in Texas. Building crews set fire on Friday to the luxury lake house left dangling about 23 metres on a decaying cliff that has been giving way underneath the structure. (Brandon Wade/Reuters)
Speaking of ‘watching the world burn,’ we might see the entire Middle East burn if things get any further out of hand in that region.
Islam, the “religion of peace” is about to ignite into a regional conflagration that will destroy most of the Arab governments in that part of the world
untitledWith the call to arms today by Iraq’s most revered Shiite cleric, the crisis in Iraq threatens to become an even broader regional sectarian conflict. But it could also bring about unusual cooperation between the US and Iran, who have a mutual interest in stemming Sunni militants’ lightning advance across Iraq this week. In a statement read at Friday prayers, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani called upon all able-bodied Iraqi Shiite men to fight, saying they were duty-bound “to bear arms and fight terrorists” in defense of their people and holy places. Those who died in the fight would be “honored” as martyrs, he said.
We might want to think about extending that border/wall between Gaza and Israel all the way around the county ……………………., not to keep the Israelis in, but to keep the Arabs OUT!
That way, the Israelis can stay safe and secure, while the rest of the Arab/Persian lands slowly destroy themselves!

As well-armed forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) raised their black flags over Mosul this week, routing an Iraqi army that fled rather than fight, the future of Iraq as a unitary state hung in the balance.
As they pressed south towards Baghdad, the rest of the region, the United States and other powers woke up to the prospect that this Jihadi comeback could establish a dangerous base in the heart of the Middle East – an Afghanistan on the Mediterranean.
“What we are witnessing is the fragmentation of power. The government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will never be able to centralize power in the same way he has,” says Fawaz Gerges, a Middle East expert at the London School of Economics.
“We are seeing a redrawing of boundaries for sure,” he said.
And speaking about walls ……………………………….,maybe the States should take a lesson from the Jews on how to build walls, and not bother with that piece of shit thing they call a wall down on the Mexican border!

BUT! Then again, nothing can match OUR border with the United States!

Now for some Toronto news: Folks I grew up hanging around in this store, (and A & A records next door) and the sign out front was as much Toronto as Honest Ed’s sign was on Bloor St. W.

Well, after sitting in a storage shed at Ryerson University for a few years, it looks like they are going to put it up over-looking Dundas Square!

And then there were some other well known spots!


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