Nope, everything is as “right as rain” if you will pardon the expression.
Yesterday was the famous “Friday the 13th” motorcycle rally in Port Dover, Ontario, and as usual, tens of thousand of bikers gathered for the event.
Even the rain didn’t seem to deter the hard-core bikers, as the streets of Port Dover filled to overflowing with young and old.
For one of those bikers, though, it will now be an event that never stops: That’s right, Port Dover is more than just a ride and a destination, folks – it is also his final resting place.
In the years since the massive Friday the 13th motorcycle rallies got underway in 1981, Port Dover has become hallowed ground for the riding community. The town has come to mean so much to some that they are arranging to be buried here.
One such procession passed through Port Dover Saturday afternoon. At the head of it was Hank Brouwer of Brantford, founder of Boot Hill Hearse. Brouwer was aboard a jet-black trike pulling a specially-designed, glass-paneled hearse containing the cremated remains of Brian “Bear” Fraser, 56, a Sudbury rider who died suddenly last year in British Columbia.
Following behind on motorcycles were family, friends and assorted well-wishers.
Many were there to support Tobey McCool of Lindsay, Fraser’s partner for seven years. The cortege gathered in front of Angelo’s for one last drink before heading to the Port Dover Cemetery. Angelo’s, also dubbed “The Zoo,” was special to McCool and Fraser because that is where they met during a Friday the 13th rally in 2006.
“He said he wanted to be buried in Port Dover because that way he’d never miss a Friday the 13th, and he’d always be the first one here,” McCool said.
R.I.P Bear!

Here’s a few more pictures of the festivities!


Like the beanstalk from the famous fable, the stalk of an 80-year-old American agave plant at the University of Michigan is so tall, it’s through the roof of the conservatory of school’s Matthaei Botanical Gardens.
It practically skims the sky at more than 25 feet, but it has yet to bloom.–>
The timing is difficult to predict, says Mike Palmer, horticulture manager for the gardens and Nichols Arboretum. Soon after the agave finally does flower for the first and only time in its life……., then, it’ll die. (I once had an Uncle like that! He lived for close to a century, and then bloomed once and died!)
So far, 18 branch-like structures, called peduncles, have emerged from its stalk, each of which has several flower buds, Palmer says. When the buds open, the flowers will be yellowish-green in color.
“I have not counted all the flower buds on the flower stalk since there are still side branches unfurling,” Palmer says, “but the oldest (biggest) side branch has over 150 flower buds on it!”
Buzz about the plant has drawn big crowds of onlookers anxious to see it bloom.
“We’ve experienced a more than 50% increase in our visitors compared to the same time frame last year,” says spokesman Joe Mooney. “We’ll run another report when the agave is finished and my guess is that it will be even better than a 50% increase.”
The best way to monitor the plant’s progress is through the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum’s Facebook page.
Palmer says although the plant will die after it flowers, it will leave behind many pups — genetic clones that look like mini versions of the mother agave — and potentially thousands of seeds.
The stalk of the 80-year-old American agave plant grows through the glass roof of the conservatory of the Matthaei Botanical Gardens at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in June 2014. The plant is on the verge of blooming for the first and only time in its life. (Photo: Matthaei Botanical Gardens & Nichols Arboretum)

Folks, I said on many occasions that I don’t understand the persecution of the Jews, because they are among the hardest working and law abiding groups on the planet.
Just the same, antisemitism runs rampant in parts of the world, and there is no justifiable reason for it!
Jim Keegstra, a holocaust denier and former high school teacher in Eckville, Alta., has died at the age of 80.
imageIn 1981, Keegstra was warned by a district school superintendent to stop teaching Jewish conspiracy theory as if it were fact. But Keegstra was fired the following year, and in 1984, was charged with willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group.
Keegstra was convicted in 1985, but the Alberta Court of Appeal overturned the conviction until it was restored by the Supreme Court of Canada in late 1990. That set the stage for a retrial, and in 1992, a jury convicted Keegstra and he was fined $3,000.
Keegstra, as part of his original sentence, was also ordered to be transported to Auschwitz upon his death, and thrown into one of the ovens there!

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you’ve heard of unemployed actors living int heir parents house?
Well here is an interesting twist to that story!

untitledActor Robert Pattinson says he doesn’t have anywhere to live after his parents moved into his house here while he was away filming his new movie “Life” in Toronto in March. He says his parents had borrowed his house in his absence, reports In an interview on talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Pattinson said: “I’ve kind of found myself a little bit more at home in LA (Los Angeles). My parents borrowed my house, which I was borrowing off someone else and then they kicked me out of it when I came back from Toronto. So, that’s the end of that, so I’m now homeless again.” The 28-year-old, who previously said he slept behind an archway after his split from ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart in 2012, says he doesn’t know where his possessions are currently kept. When asked where he stores his belongings when he doesn’t have a house, Pattinson said: “I’m not entirely sure. It’s somewhere. I wish I knew.”
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Ladies and Gentlemen, after more than three decades as Han Solo, Indiana Jones, jack Ryan, and a host of other characters, Harrison Ford has fought Empire troops, various aliens and monsters, frozen in carbonate, dodged giant rolling boulders, fought snakes in a pit battled Nazi’s and Chrystal skulls, shot an Arab sword guy and so much more!
It all finally caught up with him folks!
Actor Harrison Ford was injured on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII on Thursday and taken to a hospital for treatment, a Disney representative said. Ford, 71, hurt his ankle while filming at Pinewood Studios, on the outskirts of London, England, Disney spokesman Paul Roeder said. Filming will continue on schedule while the American actor recovers. The actor was taken to nearby John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

I don’t know if I mentioned this already, folks, but I heard a guy describe what happened to the Conservatives on Thursday: YA DON’T’ START AN ELECTION CAMPAIGN BY TELLING PEOPLE HOW MANY JOBS YER GONNA CUT, BUNKY!
In the run-up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament, which kicked off Thursday (June 12), Brazil spent billions to build and spruce up soccer stadiums in 12 cities across the South American country.
Over the past few years, European spacecraft snapped rare views of this mammoth (and controversial) construction process from space. The French Space Agency (CNES) released images of Brazi’s World Cup stadiums from its two high-resolution Pléiades satellites, which launched in 2011 and 2012 and are tasked with taking pictures of Earth.
One image from April 2013 shows the flagship Corinthians Arena in São Paulo — where Brazil beat Croatia 3-1 on Thursday — still in a skeletal state. The metallic beams of its roof are being assembled, the parking area is under construction, and the earth is being prepared for the lawn that would become the brand new arena’s field.

The Pléiades image acquired on April 25, 2013, show construction on the Corinthians Arena in São Paulo. Credit: CNES, Distribution Airbus DS/Spot Image

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