A man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend, carving up her body and scattering her remains around the Toronto area told a court on Tuesday that it was actually his mother who stabbed the woman to death.
Jiang didn’t call police or an ambulance after the gruesome incident that took place in the basement of his home, court heard.
“I was not thinking properly at that time,” he said through a Mandarin interpreter. “I only know that I must protect my mother.”
Jiang was arrested on Aug. 26, 2012, and originally charged with second-degree murder in Liu’s death. The charge was upgraded to first-degree murder last summer.
OH, by the way …………….., did we mention that his mother has since died!
They have a new thing in Montreal kids!
Putting spikes on ledges and doorways of stores so homeless people can’t sit there!
Any business that does this should not only be charged with something, but automatically becomes our “Asshole of the Day” as well!
Metal spikes designed to deter homeless people from stooping outside a Montreal business have been removed following online outrage by the city’s mayor.
Two grey strips lined with dull points were removed from the ledge outside an Archambault music store on Tuesday. Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre took to Twitter early in the day, calling the spikes “unacceptable” and guaranteeing their removal by the end of the day.
“What about safety, what about human beings, what about dignity, what about respect for the others?” he said outside the store.
By noon on Tuesday, the ledge was once again bare. And though removing the spikes doesn’t solve the issue of homelessness in the city, the director of the local homeless shelter said the issue should be addressed in a way that doesn’t demean a portion of the population.
“I think that coming together as a community to solve those issues is a much better way,” said Farell Duclair, the director of Welcome Hall Mission. “I think you’ll end up having better solutions that do not degrade.”
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/outrage-after-montreal-store-lays-out-spikes-to-deter-homeless-1.1862513#ixzz34KglJCol
Folks, out of all the rhetoric about the election in Ontario tomorrow, this one article sums it up best!
An aging Ontario provincial Liberal government plagued with a series of political scandals would seem ripe for the taking, especially if one adheres to the old political adage that governments are defeated and not elected.
Yet, with only a day to go in the campaign, and in spite of all that Liberal political baggage, polls suggest a tight race between the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives — leading some to wonder why Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has found it so difficult to take the lead and run with it.
“This was the [Progressive] Conservatives’ turn to win and they blew it,” said Barry Kay, a political science professor at Wilfrid Laurier University. “It should have been a clear Conservative victory.”
We here at Allan’s Perspective think the race came down to this: If all the Conservatives and NDP candidates can do is keep beating a dead horse about the gas plant scandal, then they deserve to lose this election!
And you thought we had problems with Canadian Mayors?
Forget Rob Ford, or Joe Fontana, or all those corrupt Quebec politicians, they have real problems down there in the States, bunky!
The mayor of San Marino, California, admits tossing a bag of dog waste onto a neighborhood resident’s property and has apologized, saying he should have disposed of it properly.
Mayor Dennis Kneier (kuh-NEER’) tells the Pasadena Star-News ( http://bit.ly/1l2LcMu ) he was walking home from a park with his wife Saturday night in the upscale Los Angeles suburb when they found the bag on a parkway. He says he picked it up and tossed it onto a walkway at the property.
Resident Philip Lao says he recognized Kneier on surveillance video and called police. They photographed the bag.
There is no police record of problems between the men, although Lao does oppose a dog park in the city.
The original owner of the waste has not been identified, although police are conducting a door to door dog-hunt dragnet! (So far they’ve turned up shit!)
Well kids, a wildfire that disrupted an Oregon couple’s wedding also gave them the photograph of a lifetime.

A fire truck rolled up at Rock Spring Ranch near Bend with sirens blaring Saturday and the wedding party was told to evacuate.
The minister conducted an abbreviated ceremony. Everyone cheered and began to evacuate to downtown Bend’s Drake Park for the reception.
As guests headed for the cars, wedding photographer Josh Newton took some photos of the couple with the wildfire raging in the background.

One thing for sure, from the looks of these pictures it’s going to be one hell of a wedding…………………, or a wedding made in Hell!
A Thai AirAsia plane hit a bird Tuesday during a flight in Thailand, where the word for bird is “nok,” sparking social media confusion over whether the aircraft had collided with a plane from budget carrier Nok Air.
Within hours of the collision, Nok Air went to Twitter to set the story straight: “We would like to clarify that Nok Air did not clip another aircraft today.” The tweet added that the other aircraft had hit a real bird.
Engineers inspected and repaired the wing before the aircraft returned to Bangkok after a three-hour delay, the airline said.
Meanwhile, the bird could not be reached for comment!

James Franco is still denying that he had sex with Lindsay Lohan!
Despite repeated claims to the contrary, Franco denied any possible liaison with the ditzy star, and insisted they were just friends.
Well, just for the record folks, your humble reporter didn’t have sex with her either!
I don’t know if you ever watched the TV show “Northern Exposure” but in the opening scenes there is a moose walking down the main street of town!
Well, same thing happened in Boise, Idaho, yesterday!
State wildlife officials say Tuesday afternoon they have tranquilized a moose on the east side of Boise and are moving it to a remote area.
Here’s the kicker, this isn’t the first time that moose went to town, and the locals have started calling him “Bullwinkle!”

Current theory about the shape of the human face just got a big punch in the mouth, boys and girls.
Two University of Utah researchers proposed on Monday that the face of the ancestors of modern humans evolved millions of years ago in a way that would limit injuries from punches during fist fights between males.
Their theory, published in the journal Biological Reviews, is presented as an alternative to a long-standing notion that changes in the shape of the face were driven more by diet – the need for a jaw that could chew hard-to-crush foods such as nuts.
“Studies of injuries resulting from fights show that when modern humans fight, the face is the primary target,” biologist David Carrier said. “The bones of the face that suffer the highest rates of fracture from fights are the bones that show the greatest increase in robusticity during the evolution of early bipedal apes, the australopiths.”
These are also the bones that show the greatest difference between women and men in early human ancestors and modern humans, Carrier added.


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