Folks, your long suffering reporter lives in London, Ontario, and every once in a while we get traffic jams and gridlock that can last for minutes at a time! My thinking is that even if there is a whole herd of cars on the road………………..,, AT LEAST IT’S NOT AS BAD AS TORONTO!
Loh and behold, who would have guessed it, good ol’ TO is not that bad either!
If you’ve ever sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic, clenching your teeth and cursing the gridlock, you might be convinced your city has the worst traffic in the country. But unless you live in Vancouver, you haven’t got it as bad as some.
A new study by GPS products maker TomTom finds that Vancouver has the worst traffic in the country.
TomTom Traffic Index Infographic (CNW Group/TomTom)

There, the average commuter experiences 87 hours of delay time a year, based on a 30-minute daily commute. That’s more than three entire days spent inching along in stop-and-go traffic, every year.
Vancouver has a congestion percentage of 35; that means that it takes 35 per cent longer to get from Point A to B in peak traffic times than it does during non-congested periods.
Drivers in Toronto don’t have it much better. The average commuter there deals with 83 hours of traffic delays every year, and a congestion percentage of 27.
In order, the worst congested cities in Canada are:
Vancouver – 35 per cent; 87-hour delay per year
Toronto – 27 per cent; 83-hour delay per year
Ottawa – 26 per cent; 81-hour delay per year
Montreal – 26 per cent; 78-hour delay per year
Calgary – 22 per cent; 71-hour delay per year
Quebec – 22 per cent; 81-hour delay per year
Edmonton – 20 per cent; 57-hour delay per year
TomTom’s annual Traffic Index measures traffic congestion by taking GPS data of TomTom users and comparing travel times during non-congested hours with travel times in peak hours, taking into account both local roads and highways.
Another interesting finding from the study: shortcuts don’t work.
TomTom’s study found avoiding highways and using secondary roads is usually a waste of time, typically adding 50 per cent more travel time to journeys.
And if you want to know which city has the worst traffic in the world, that dubious honour goes to Moscow. The Russian capital has a congestion percentage of 74. Istanbul is not far behind with a congestion percentage of 62.
I don’t know how they determined the numbers but frankly they certainly didn’t try to get to downtown TO during rush hour!!! There is absolutely no way that commuting times for TO are comparable to Ottawa.
Part of the problem is the city’s layout. In the case of Vancouver and Montreal, they are surrounded by water. Cities in the eastern half of the country are older and therefore have to deal with the planning from the 1800s where nobody expected to have 6 lane boulevards. Many streets in Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec start off with 4 lanes total and the drop to 2. As for Vancouver, while I was never there, I suspect part of it was planning and part the geographic layout [hills, mountains] – similar issue for Montreal and a bit less in Toronto.
Once Mayor Nenshi and Calgary council implement their planned bike paths (taken from existing traffic lanes), Calgary should be able to claim the title for the worst traffic in Canada. This has obviously been Calgary’s aspiration all along! LOL
What do you expect when the council of the city spends all of its time on ‘progressive’ topics, as opposed to making sure the city’s basic services run smoothly? Traffic congestion? throw another bike path at the problem.
NOW THE GOOD NEWS KIDS: London is like Toronto was 30 years ago………………, clean bright, cultured, plenty to do and see, low crime rate, affordable housing and NO TRAFFIC JAMS!
In other words………………………………, civilized!

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Astrobiologist David Grinspoon believes that scientists should look at our neighboring planets to help understand the perils of global warming. “It seems that both Mars and Venus started out much more like Earth and then changed.
They both hold priceless climate information for Earth."
1073303-Clipart-3d-Sexy-Blond-Pinup-Woman-In-The-Nude-2-Royalty-Free-CGI-IllustrationThe atmosphere of Venus is much thicker than Earth’s. Nevertheless, current climate models can reproduce its present temperature structure well.
Now planetary scientists want to turn the clock back to understand why and how Venus changed from its former Earth-like conditions into the inferno of today.
Understanding Mars’ past is equally important.
ESA’s Express is currently investigating the fate of the Red Planet.
Smaller than the Earth, is thought to have lost its atmosphere to space.
When Martian volcanoes became extinct, so did the planet’s means of replenishing its atmosphere turning it into an almost-airless desert.
The current loss rate of martian atmosphere is estimated to be around 100 tons per day, but this is based on incomplete data. Jakosky is leading a NASA mission called MAVEN that plans to fly to Mars in 2013 to measure all aspects of atmospheric escape.
MAVEN – which stands for Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN – will not only provide a better handle on the current loss, but it will also provide a window on the past, by determining how the upper atmosphere controls the loss rate.
"The more we know about the loss rate now, the better we can extrapolate back in time when Mars was presumably warmer and wetter," says Michael Combi of the University of Michigan. Combi and his colleagues model the outer envelope of Mars' atmosphere, called the exosphere, where particles make their "jump" into space.As part of NASA's Mars Fundamental Research program, they are working on a full three-dimensional simulation that can use MAVEN's observations to say how much water Mars has lost to space.
Here is one of the comments!
It's sad to see what was once a great little newsletter succumb to the Democrat propaganda machine. I've been studying the climate ever since the fear mongers were shilling "Global Cooling, Global Cooling!" You have lost so much credibility with your new "Global Warming" crusade that you will never recover. So sad!
Folks, just like the tree huggers who want us to stop producing oil and natural gas, the right wing nuts blindly refuse to acknowledge global warming!
imagesB14ZYMCC3-300x122The only thing we can do about them is to take the tree huggers cars away, and send the global warming deniers out to wander in the dessert for forty years! (I know it's been done before, but this time it's for a good cause!)
Tim Hudak is going to create a millions jobs in Ontario!
Since we have half a million unemployed right now, (out of a population of 13 million) he will put ALL of them back to work .................., and then I guess he will have to import another half a million people for the rest of the jobs!
Now here's a story that has your ever faithful reporter not only conflicted, but dazed and confused as well!
Hakeem Nosiru and his wife won the Jan. 17 Lotto Max draw ..................................., IT WAS WORTH 50 MILLION BUCKS, KIDS!
They LOST the ticket!
A woman at their church found it and returned it to them.
Mrs. Nosiru wasn't sure what they'll do for the woman who ended the ticket's exodus, but told her "I just want to say thank you."
(Folks, if they don't give this good Samaritan AT LEAST a million bucks, I will personally go down there and give them such a slap!)
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