Dear Readers: Your long suffering reporter has often said that the entire “politically correct” crowd is nuts, and most of their ideas are insane.
That’s right, not weird, or mis-guided, or min-informed, but just plain nuts!
Here is why folks!
The politically correct folks are going to have their knickers in a knot over this one. Of Google’s 26,000 American employees, 70% are men.
(Men appear to be better at computer stuff than women, and are more interested in programming and development, etc. …………! Bitch and complain all ya want kids, but that’s the truth of the matter!)
In terms of ethnicity, 61% are white. Based on the 2010 US census, 64% of Americans are white. This is OK according to the PC crowd, but just barely!
The largest discrepancy is that while Asians makes up 6% of the population, they comprise 30% of the Google workforce.
(Compare this to how 2% of the Google workforce is black compared to 13% of the general population.)
Look kids, in case ya don’t read the newspapers, or watch and/or listen to any other news, Orientals are more adapt at mathematics and that is why they shine in those areas!
(We don’t know if they have a natural affinity for numbers, or just study harder than us Caucasians and Blacks!)
As for 2% of the Google workforce being black against 13% of the population, that one is a no brainer too! (No pun intended!)
Black’s, because of their socio/economic situation, don’t do as well in school.
At least you had better hope that’s the reason ………………., otherwise they’re just not as smart!
And if you really want to put it into “Perspective,” the percentage of Orientals in the NBA, is much lower than the number of Blacks working at Google!

I got a letter from some people who said they wanted pay me to publish articles for them here on Allan's Perspective,  and after a bunch of negotiating and haggling I reached an agreement and waited for their instructions.
Imagine my surprise when they sent an e-mail wanting to know certain information to pay me........................, like my PayPal name and account number!!!!
So, I sent them this note: What makes you thing I would give you my PayPal account and password, are you out of your fucking mind, or do you think I'm a retard?
Hey kids, Vancouver has a “Hobbit house!”

But it’s not the only one kids: Another of Vancouver’s beloved “Hobbit houses” will get an interior upgrade and some new neighbours, after city council approved a zoning proposal that will keep the unique building in its current location.

Located on King Edward Avenue and Ash Street, the 84-year-old house – which is officially known as James Residence – is recognized for its distinctive storybook house architecture.
Vancouver city council approved a re-zoning proposal Tuesday, that will see the home’s interior upgraded and modernized. The proposal also includes plans for 20 three-storey townhouses that will be built around the “Hobbit house” on surrounding lots. The project will be overseen by W.T. Leung Architects Inc.
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The gun lobby group “open carry Texas” has issued a statement yesterday that they don’t see anything “weird” about bringing your guns along when taking the family out for supper to a restaurant!
imagesCAK7JDV3“After all.” They said. “Ya never know when someone is going to run in and start shooting up the place!” (Of course, that person would also be using a gun the they said was OK too!)
And for once, the NRA issued a statement I can not only agree with, but whole heartedly endorse:
Companies, customers and others critical of Texas gun rights advocates who have brought military-style assault rifles into businesses as part of demonstrations supporting “open carry” gun rights now have a surprising ally: the National Rifle Association. The advocates’ actions in restaurants and other public places — part of a push for less restrictive gun laws, including legalizing the open carry of handguns — have prompted public criticism. The NRA has long been a zealous advocate for gun owners’ rights. But the group’s lobbying arm, the Institute for Legislative Action, has called the demonstrations counterproductive to promoting gun rights, scary and “downright weird.”
The NRA said the demonstrations have “crossed the line from enthusiasm to downright foolishness.”

imagesThe latest volley in a long-running debate over why woolly mammoths, giant sloths, mastodons and sabre toothed tigers died out worldwide, suggests that humans are to blame.
A new global look at the extinctions of large mammals over the past 130,000 years finds that the loss of species correlates more closely with the arrival of humans than with changes in climate, which some studies have cited as a possible culprit.
Not only that bunky, but evidence suggests that we are responsible for the extinction of “Neanderthals,” the “carrier pigeons” and near extinction of the “buffalo” as well! (There are some rumours that “sabre toothed tigers” went extinct because of their speech impediment, but that is pure conjecture!)
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I once got arrested for stealing a Sarnia city bus when I was younger, but a Pennsylvania man has done me one better by sneaking into a fire department and taking a woman on a 30-minute joyride in a fire truck.
The Beaver County Times reports that fire officials saw Randy Allen Davidson — who is not a firefighter — enter the Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Department about midnight May 26, grab the vehicle’s keys and drive the truck away with a woman in the passenger seat.

imagesPolice say Davidson returned the truck and the keys to their original positions about 30 minutes later.
Davidson, who is 47 and lives in Bridgewater, was charged Sunday with unauthorized use of a vehicle, burglary and other crimes.
He remains in jail.
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(Just so you know the whole story, it was a van, not a bus, and the driver left it at an intersection while he went into his house to get his lunch. The only problem was that he left the van partially blocking the intersection ……., so being the helpful type, I took it out of gear and let it roll to the opposite curb, where it was out of the way! (Of course, if I was sober, I never would have done that to begin with! Even then, they might not have chaged me if I hadn’t run around telling everybody! Well …….at least they didn’t charge me with a DUI.)
News from our American friends over in Michigan that a 60-pound runaway tortoise is back home after disappearing for several days and making it about a half-mile during that time.

untitledThe pet, named Franklin, strayed Thursday from his home in Genesee County’s Davison Township and was found on Sunday.
Owner Chris Breuhan says family members walked his 10-acre property and started putting up flyers to see whether anyone had spotted Franklin.
It turns out that the man who found him saw one of the flyers, and Franklin was brought back home.
Breuhan says he was concerned that Franklin might get run over by a vehicle in the rural area, which is roughly 50 miles northwest of Detroit.
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(Look folks, this is a turtle we’re talking about, and it took him several days to go half a mile ………….., so how fast could his escape have been?)
It appears the only thing better than being a football player, is being a “Rapper!’
Dr. Dre, who sources tell us is worth about a billion dollars, just bought this house with money he made for rapping about killing cops, or whatever it is they rap about!


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