Public interest in what is trundling by rail past their homes has ignited in the wake of the July 6, 2013, derailment in Lac-Megantic, Que., when a runaway oil train skipped the tracks and exploded, killing 47 people.
That’s right folks, we need to keep the Environmentalists happy!
Let’s not build any more pipelines ………………………., instead we will ship oil by the more expensive, more hazardous, and more dangerous rail traffic.
WHAT’S THAT? (After that disaster at Lac-Megantic, Que, ya don’t want to ship by rail either!)
OK, we’ll ship by the even more expensive, even more hazardous and even more dangerous truck traffic!
WHAT’S THAT? (Ya don’t want to ship; by truck either?)
O.K. I managed to get a good deal on a horse for ya! (Now, have ya given any thought to how we’re going to get rid of the horseshit …………….., by pipeline, rail or truck?)
The federal government and railroad companies have long kept secret information on the types and amounts of hazardous materials transported by rail in the country. But an American railroad’s emergency guide that lists the top 25 most common dangerous goods transported on the continent sheds some light on what is plying Canada’s rails — materials such as chlorine, crude oil, methanol and propane.
According to the information, diesel fuel was the most common hazardous good originating in Canada, with more than 42,500 carloads. The second-most common was crude oil, at more than 33,000 carloads, followed by sulphuric acid with nearly 27,000 carloads.
There are also tens of thousands of tank cars carrying some of the world’s most toxic substances, such as chlorine and anhydrous ammonia.
While it provides a snapshot of minimum carloads in Canada, it’s not clear whether the data, self-reported by industry, includes all rail traffic of dangerous goods in Canada. And, because the data is ranked by the top 25 hazardous commodities continent-wide, it’s possible that Canada alone could have large shipments of other goods that wouldn’t be included.
A Quebec family reported missing last week has been located in Ontario. Police said 33-year-old Erin Gray and her children, 11-year-old Rachel Kaya Beckles and 5-year-old Robert Clark Jr., of Chateauguay, Que., were found safe early Sunday morning.
Chateauguay police did not release Gray’s exact location out of respect for her privacy. No further details have been released, but in a statement released Sunday police said the case has come to a “happy ending.”
(Apparently nobody knew who they were, or where they were from ………….., because they couldn’t speak English!)
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London’s Trafalgar Square and New York’s Central Park won’t show any Canadian love on Canada Day this year — no real-life Mounties, no street hockey games, no performances by Canadian musicians.
A lack of sponsorships has prompted organizers to cancel the annual celebrations just five years after Canada Day International — previously run by the government — was transferred to Rainmaker GBD, a Calgary business consulting firm.
“It’s disappointing that we can’t continue,” said Chad Molleken of Regina, who first organized Canada Day in London for Rainmaker in 2009.
Molleken, who’s no longer with the company, said the free events have attracted more than 600,000 people to date. They were so popular, he said, that they expanded to include New York City last year and were planned to reach Hong Kong this year.
But those plans were put on hold when two major sponsors — telecommunications giant BlackBerry (TSX:BB) and Nexen, an Alberta oil and gas company — said they would not contribute to the program this year.
Molleken’s efforts to find new sponsors to fill the void were unsuccessful.

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Today is that bit parade in Toronto for all the gays, wanna-be gays, cross dressers, voyeurs, and “not sure who the hell I’m supposed to be” group!
imagesgrfgThis group started out just wanting a bit of acceptance, to proclaiming their rights, to demanding equality and then finally preferential treatment since they were an “oppressed” minority!
In other words, they got REALLY pushy, kids! (At least they don’t’ have Rob Ford to kick around this year!)
Just one question: IS THIS NORMAL? (And do we really want to expose our kids to it?)






(They didn’t stay long!)


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