(Transgender woman (?) Avery Edison has filed two human rights complaints after being detained at a male-only facility when she was stopped at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in February, 2014.)
Folks, we have a conundrum here, and your ever helpful reporter is not only going to solve it ………….., I am also going to offer some helpful advice!
A transgender woman from England has filed two human rights complaints in Canada after customs officials put her in a men’s detention facility when they stopped her at a Toronto airport earlier this year.
Avery Edison landed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport in mid-February for a short visit.
However, border officials denied her entry into the country upon learning that she had stayed past her visa’s expiry date the last time she came to Canada.
Despite carrying a passport that stipulates she is female, she was sent to Maplehurst Correctional Institute, a male-only facility, to await an immigration hearing. (Edison tweeted details of her ordeal as it was happening, which sparked an outcry from friends and supporters online.)
She was later moved to Vanier Centre, a women’s-only facility.
FIRST ISSUE HERE: Never mind what happened ….., she he should have been sent to a place that corresponded to what was dangling, or not dangling, between his / her legs!
She has filed human rights complaints with both the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario and the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
Edison says that once she was back in London, her first instinct was to put the ordeal behind her ………………, BUT, she was contacted by lawyers, who suggested that if she brought the issue to a human rights tribunal
SECOND ISSUE: Kill all the lawyers!
Look kids, if you are going to change your sex, for whatever reason, ya can’t even expect normal treatment, let alone preferential treatment, so get all that phony indignity out of your head!
Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/transgender-woman-files-human-rights-complaints-after-detention-in-canada-1.1899359#ixzz36bJgwG2n
I wasted a lot of years drinking, and looking back on that time, the boozing had some amazing similarities to the running scenes in the movie Forrest Gump!
It shows in stark detail how I started, what I did, and how I stopped!

(How’s that for life imitating art?)
Folks, Democracy, especially in the U.S.of A. is on life support:
Forget what you’ve heard about an America divided into warring camps, living in red and blue states or congressional districts.

They actually agree on lots of things.
That, at least, is the conclusion of a study conducted by the Program for Public Consultation (PPC), whose goal is to give the public a louder voice in the policy making process. (The study is also available on the Web site of Voice of the People.)
The group analyzed answers to more than 300 survey questions taken over the past few years and dealing with public-policy choices, and it compared responses from people who live in red congressional districts or states with those who live in blue districts or states.
The analysis found overwhelming convergence in attitudes, regardless of the makeup of the state or district where people live. People in red districts or states and those in blue districts or states truly disagreed with each other just 4 percent of the time.
dancing8“We were surprised,” said Steven Kull, the PPC director. “We thought there would be much greater difference.”

Kull doesn’t dispute the fact that Congress is polarized along partisan lines. But he said it’s wrong to blame that on a polarized population. Members of the Senate and Congress, he said, are responding not to their constituents ….., but are dancing to the power (and money) of special interests that have their own, partisan agendas.
Did ya catch that last, highlighted line there, bunky?
Let me repeat it for you!
“Members of the Senate and Congress, he said, are responding not to their constituents ….., but are dancing to the power (and money) of special interests that have their own, partisan agendas.”
Like we said folks, democracy is on life support! -Ed.
“Man wins hot dog eating contest…………….., proposes to girlfriend ……………………, throws up!”
When I was a kid I went to three great music festivals ……………, the first was the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival, a few weeks later came Woodstock, and the next year was the Strawberry Fields Motorcycle Races and Music Festival. (There were no motorcycle races, but the organizers wanted to use Mosport Race Track, so that’s what they called it!)
The National Post has an article about how the Toronto Rock and Roll Revival was the start of the of the Beatles breaking up, and we give you an excerpt of it here!
When John Brower’s Toronto Rock and Roll Revival, to be held at Varsity Stadium, had originally been planned as revue of 1950s rock and roll stars, and he had attracted a lineup including Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry and modern acts such as Alice Cooper and The Doors.
But amid lacklustre ticket sales and the threat of cancellation, Mr. Brower had called up the London headquarters of Apple Corps hoping to attract Lennon, a well-known fan of Berry and another ’50s rocker on the bill, Gene Vincent.
The plan was for Lennon and wife Yoko Ono to appear merely as emcees, but the restless Beatle shot back that he would only appear if he could perform with a hastily cobbled together non-Beatles group he soon dubbed the Plastic Ono Band.
Mr. Brower had struck the jackpot, and he quickly arranged plane tickets and got the group’s border papers in order. But still, the idea of a Beatle playing an impulsive show in Canada was so unbelievable that Toronto’s CHUM radio refused to broadcast Lennon’s pending appearance, thinking it was a hoax.
Only when Torontonians saw Lennon being escorted to Varsity Stadium by a protective motorcade of the Toronto Vagabonds motorcycle gang, did word leak out.
Surprisingly, Lennon was frightened at the prospect of a stadium full of Canadians. Lennon had not performed to a large audience in three years, and his band’s only rehearsal had been conducted in the back of the Boeing 707 that had taken them to Toronto.
“I just threw up for hours until I went on … I could hardly sing,” Lennon would say later.
An awestruck crowd greeted the group just after midnight. Not only was it Lennon’s first major performance without George, Paul or Ringo at his side, but he had brought along English guitar god Eric Clapton and future Yes drummer Alan White.
Almost as soon as the band kicked off with a series of 1950s rock and roll standards, though, the crowd soon found that the performance was to be punctuated by the incessant high-pitched screeching of Yoko Ono.
First, she shrieked over renditions of Yer Blues and Cold Turkey, during which she retreated into a tent-like sack on stage.

Then, for 17 straight minutes, she shrieked through a freeform song later identified as “Don’t Worry Kyoko (Mummy’s only looking for her hand in the snow) / John, John (Let’s hope for peace).”
“I did an improvisation,” Ms. Ono would tell the National Post in 2000. “I was never exposed to a huge audience like that. I was dazed.”

The Toronto crowd soon began to turn. Witnesses remembered booing, obscenities and even the occasional projectile directed at Ms. Ono.
But, only hours after facing 25,000 people in Toronto, a newly emboldened Lennon returned to London determined to finally bury the Beatles once and for all. Those around him said that after his Canada trip, Lennon had become instilled with the euphoria of a new divorcee.
It would be months before the public would learn of the breakup via a press release from Paul McCartney, but in the Beatles Anthology, released in 2000, Ringo Starr himself gave Toronto due credit for the band’s demise.
“After the Plastic Ono Band’s debut in Toronto we had a meeting in Savile Row where John finally brought it to its head. He said, ‘Well, that’s it lads. Let’s end it.’ And we all said ‘Yes.’”

Folks, in spite of Yoko Ono, I know for a fact that my generation had the best music around ………., but this headline scared the shit out of me: “Kayne West argues he’s the biggest genius in music today — ?”
To quote Count Floyd, “Ohhhh, that’s scary!

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