It’s time for Fifa World Cup Soccer news, kids!
Host Brazil is moving on to the semifinals of the World Cup after beating fellow heavyweight Colombia 2-1 in a game that had its share of suspect calls.
As Matthew Cowley noted there were a total of 51 fouls in this match, which made the whole thing kind of a slog. Many, many fans were crying foul at the officiating, especially as it mostly came to the aid of Brazil, the host country.
One questionable call led to this *pretty spectacular* long-range goal on a free kick by David Luiz, which put Brazil up 2-0 in the match:

BUT, shortly after this a swarm of giant crickets invaded the field, and a bunch of them made off with the ball, stopping the game for a good ten minutes while they got a replacement ball!
(Here’s one of the advance scouts of the swarm landing the arm of James Rodriguez!)

(Told them they shouldn’t hold matches in the interior of Brazil!)
Newfoundland Report
Folks, we here at The Perspective Research Department realize that serious crime is rare in Newfoundland, and for that reason media organizations are hard pressed to find some stuff for the six o’clock news ………………, but a story about drinking?
The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary stopped several impaired drivers on the northeast Avalon on Saturday. Police received a complaint of a drunk driver on an all-terrain vehicle in Pouch Cove around 8:30 p.m. The male driver, 48, was arrested for impaired driving and refusing the breathalyzer!
Seems to me that someone who did something while they were completely sober would be more likely to make the news on ‘The Rock!’
MEANWHILE: Police in St. John’s got a surprise Saturday morning when they responded to reports of an unconscious person in Wishingwell Park.

1049252-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Valentine-Pinup-Woman-In-A-White-Dress-Holding-A-RoseAccording to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, officers responded to a call around 9 a.m. about someone lying down on the ground.
When police arrived at the scene, they discovered a woman who was taking advantage of the morning weather with a bit of sunbathing.
Police said the woman wasn’t in distress.
An ambulance was called off before it ever reached the scene.
Ladies and gentlemen, in our continuing efforts to provide culture to the masses, we bring you the finals for the “2014 North American Wife Carrying Championships!”

Now we have received lots of complaints that this sort of thing is “sexist,” and we completely agree………………., men should not be subjected to this form of humility!
An Indian-American has invented a wristband that nudges people wearing it to be more reliable by giving a mild electric shock if they fail to do what they should be doing!
Sethi investigated how humans behave; how they form habits.

His research led him to invent the device.
FOR EXAMPLE: “It sits on my wrist and at 6am when it’s time to get up for work it will vibrate. I can snooze it, but if I snooze it twice, it shocks me.” Essentially, it’s a wristband that electrocutes you into submission action,” Sethi says.
untitledPavlok, a device invented by Maneesh Sethi, is based on the idea of positive reinforcement to try and change a user’s behaviour. (The $250 device is likely to be launched later this year.)
Sethi, a blogger who became popular on the internet when he hired a woman to slap him every time he mindlessly opened Facebook, says the bracelet starts with punishment for bad behaviour, and moves to positive feedback for good behaviour over time.
Pavlok users assign themselves a goal and choose a “referee,” who gets a text message to check in every day at 7pm. If the user hasn’t completed their goal, they get a shock through the bracelet ………………., IF THEY HAVE, THEY GET MONEY PUT INTO THEIR ACCOUNT!

After extensive research, the Perspective Naked News Department has concluded that 63% of NRA members masturbate while fondling a gun!
On the International scene: Israeli authorities have arrested a number of Jewish suspects in the killing of a Palestinian teenager whose death set off days of violent protests in Arab areas of Jerusalem and northern Israel, an official said Sunday.
Mohammed Abu Khudair, 16, was abducted last week and his charred body found a short while later in a Jerusalem forest in what Palestinians say was a revenge killing over the earlier deaths of three Israeli teens.
Folks, this is wrong on so many levels!
The people that killed the three Israeli teenagers should be found and brought to justice by any and every means possible ………………..!
To kidnap an innocent Palestinian kid, and torture and murder him in retaliation, makes these people certainly no better than the original perpetrators, and perhaps even worse!
Never mind “An eye for an eye” or any of that other religious crap, this whole thing stinks from start to finish!
(Suha, mother of slain Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khudair, shows a picture of her son on her mobile phone at their home in Shuafat, an Arab suburb of Jerusalem. Ammar Awad/Reuters)
Saskatchewan Report!
Several tornadoes were reported throughout the day in central and southern Saskatchewan on Saturday, causing some property damage but no injuries.
Environment Canada issued tornado warnings after funnel clouds causing devastation were reported, and at least one witness captured a massive funnel cloud on video in a field north of Outlook.
Meteorologist Shannon Bestland said Environment Canada received dozens of reports of tornado and funnel cloud sightings all day in central Saskatchewan, with the majority of the reports coming from the Kenaston, Outlook and Regina Beach areas.
The warnings were called off Saturday evening.
“People have been handling it really well,” Bestland said.
Adam Kanapik, who has lived in Outlook his entire life, said he had never seen anything like the phenomenon he witnessed in the sky on Saturday, north of the town.
“I was at work, looked over and there was a funnel cloud and it went back up, so I stopped, and in behind another one started, it looked like a big dirt devil, and then it just multiplied and multiplied and then it got quite large,” Kanapik said.
HEY KIDS: It seems we have an ON / OFF switch, the same as Data on Star Trek!

qxmzwlsa9mr1zai7jt8qEvery one of us loses consciousness on a daily basis: it’s called sleep. But scientists have never understood which part of the brain controls when you’re conscious and when you’re not. Now, researchers seem to have found it by coincidence while studying an epileptic patient—and used electronic brain stimulation to flip the switch on and off.
As New Scientist reports, researchers at George Washington University were using deep brain electrodes to monitor brain signals and try to pinpoint the area of a patient’s brain that was causing her seizures. One of the electrodes was placed on the claustrum, a thin sheet of neurons running between major structures of the brain—and a region that’s never been studied with deep brain electrodes before.
Unexpectedly, when the researchers sent high frequency electrical signals to the claustrum, the patient started to fall asleep: Unlike a seizure, where a person’s activity immediately stops, the patient seemed to “slow down,” speaking more quietly and moving more slowly until she was silent and still, unresponsive to voice or visual stimulation. She was, by definition, unconscious, regaining full consciousness with no memory of the event as soon as the electrical stimulation was turned off.
And Finally: Due to many requests for a scientific paper concerning the mechanics of a 'warp drive' we give you the formula here ....., now hopefully people will stop writing to us for an explanation!
Using the ADM formalism of general relativity, the spacetime is described by a foliation of space-like hypersurfaces of constant coordinate time t, with the metric taking the following general form:
ds^2 = -\left(\alpha^2- \beta_i \beta^i\right)\,dt^2+2 \beta_i \,dx^i\, dt+ \gamma_{ij}\,dx^i\,dx^j
\alpha is the lapse function that gives the interval of proper time between nearby hypersurfaces,\beta^i is the shift vector that relates the spatial coordinate systems on different hypersurfaces, and\gamma_{ij} is a positive definite metric on each of the hypersurfaces.
The particular form that Alcubierre studied[2] is defined by:
\alpha=1\,\beta^x=-v_s(t)f\left(r_s(t)\right)\beta^y = \beta^z =0 \,\!\gamma_{ij}=\delta_{ij} \,\!
f(r_s)=\frac{\tanh(\sigma (r_s + R))-\tanh(\sigma (r_s - R))}{2 \tanh(\sigma R)},
with arbitrary parameters R > 0 and \sigma > 0. Alcubierre's specific form of the metric can thus be written
ds^2 = \left(v_s(t)^2 f(r_s(t))^2 -1\right)\,dt^2 - 2v_s(t)f(r_s(t))\,dx\,dt +dx^2 + dy^2 + dz^2.
With this particular form of the metric, it can be shown that the energy density measured by observers whose 4-velocity is normal to the hypersurfaces is given by
-\frac{c^4}{8 \pi G} \frac{v_s^2 (y^2+z^2)}{4 g^2 r_s ^2} \left(\frac{df}{dr_s}\right)^2,
where g\! is the determinant of the metric tensor.
Thus, as the energy density is negative, one needs exotic matter to travel faster than the speed of light. The existence of exotic matter is not theoretically ruled out; however, generating and sustaining enough exotic matter to perform feats such as faster-than-light travel (and also to keep open the 'throat' of a wormhole) is thought to be impractical.[citation needed] Low has argued that within the context of general relativity, it is impossible to construct a warp drive in the absence of exotic matter.
(You're welcome!)

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