Dear Mr. Bridges:
Although I have seen, and enjoyed your movie “The Big Lebowski” on numerous occasions, there is one small detail that I would like to straighten out!
It seems you are not only referred to as “The Dude” in the movie, but now also in real life!
This is a misconception that I cannot accept, nor abide by! (sic)
Yes, I realize that you have made a name for yourself as “The Dude,” but unfortunately you are operating under a ‘nom de plume’ or even a ‘nom de guerre, or one of those other ‘nom’s,” since this guy pictured below is the ACTUAL “Dude!”
(Yes, that’s right ………….., this guy has been “The Dude’ since 1962, and will continue to be “The Dude” in the foreseeable future, so we would appreciate it if, from now on, you could refrain from passing yourself off as “The Dude!”)
I don’t want to be forced into litigation on this matter, Mr. Bridges, but will if necessary!
Allan W Janssen
Picture 155


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