Dear Readers:
As the anti-pipeline, anti-fracking, anti-oil, and anti-oil sands fanatics get more funding from the likes of Russia and the Middle-East, we are starting to see a tremendous jump in the volume of crude distributed by rail.

Never mind that the pipeline for the Northern Gateway project will only add 1200 km to Canada’s current 80,000 km of pipe in the country………………., if people want to bitch about it then oil will be sent by rail.

Let’s face it, nobody knows if one tanker, or thousands, go by their house in the course of a day!

(And even more at night when nobody’s looking!)

Crude oil rail shipments in Canada
2009: 144 carloads
2010: 349 carloads
2011: 4,773 carloads
2012: 53,491 carloads
2013: 127,925 carloads
Source: Transport Canada

The only problem is that rail and truck shipments of petroleum products is more expensive, hazardous and environmentally damaging than by pipeline.

Mark my words folks, one of these days a train full of oil tankers is going to derail and explode here in Canada, and perhaps even kill dozens of people!

It could be in a big city like Mississauga, or some small, out of the way town like Lac M├ęgantic, Quebec, but either way ………………., the results won’t be pretty!

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