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Your ever inquisitive reporter just read a survey of world wide Muslims and it showed that a good majority of these “religion of peace” practitioners were in favour of Sharia law, not only for themselves, BUT EVERYBODY ………………..! Oh, and they would not be opposed to the death penalty for anyone who left the faith to become a Christian, Buddhist, Atheist, Jew, etc. ESPECIALLY A JEW!!!!
Just thought you should know!
Well, in spite of the fact that the Post Office made about $200 million bucks last year, they just shut down Saturday service at the Belmont, Ontario location!
Police and firefighters are presently attempting to quell the rioting, looting and burning without much success!
Oh, In case ya missed it yesterday…………….. Obama called a press conference to announce he doesn’t know what to do about ISIS yet!
(Good for him!)
Carl Sagan suggested in his book "Contact" that God left a message for us hidden deep inside 'Pi' = 3.14159 (They say that in mathematics the truly profound theories have a certain beauty to them, and this is such a beautiful concept that I can almost believe it to be true!!) but we here at the Perspective research Department have discovered a real life sign that there is more to some of this stuff than current thinking holds!
We know that the distance from the Earth to the Moon is 384,400 km, but it was just brought to our attention that if you took the diameter of all the planets and placed them end to end................... this would also come to 384,400 km! (Well, actually there is about a 148 km discrepancy, but we put this down to orbital fluctuations.)
Speaking about God!

Wee have little, tiny spiders and other bugs living on our face kids!
You are not alone. Your body is a collection of microbes, fungi, viruses…and even other animals. In fact, you aren’t even the only animal using your face. Right now, in the general vicinity of your nose, there are at least two species of microscopic mites living in your pores. You would expect scientists to know quite a lot about these animals (given that we share our faces with them), but we don’t.
Here is what we do know: Demodex mites are microscopic arachnids (relatives of spiders and ticks) that live in and on the skin of mammals – including humans. They have been found on every mammal species where we’ve looked for them, except the platypus and their odd egg-laying relatives.
Often mammals appear to host more than one species, with some poor field mouse species housing four mite species on its face alone. Generally, these mites live out a benign coexistence with their hosts. But if that fine balance is disrupted, they are known to cause mange amongst our furry friends, and skin ailments like rosacea and blepharitis in humans. Most of us are simply content – if unaware – carriers of these spindly, eight-legged pore-dwellers.
This is a Demodex folliculorum. It lives on your face. Image credit: USDA, Confocal and Electron Microscopy Unit.
At least 33 cars went off the track in a train derailment in southwestern Saskatchewan, Canadian Pacific Railway has said.
The derailment happened shortly after 7:30 p.m. on Thursday near the community of Waldeck, located about 230 kilometres west of Regina.
A CP spokesperson told CTV Regina that no dangerous goods were onboard the train and no injuries or leaks have been reported.
The cause of the derailment is under investigation.


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imagesLobotomy, also known as leucotomy, is a neurosurgical operation that involves severing connections in the brain’s prefrontal lobe, according to Encyclopaedia Britannica. Lobotomies have always been controversial, but were widely performed for more than two decades as treatment for schizophrenia, manic depression and bipolar disorder, among other mental illnesses.
By the way I still hate Louise Fletcher for her role as Nurse Ratched in that movie!
Well folks, maybe it’s time to raise the speed limits for cars in Canada!
In B.C., the speed limits are rising on about 1,300 kilometres of highway this summer — in a few cases up to 120 km/h.
Yup, ain’t nuthin like driving those high mountain passes at 120k folks!
Joan Rivers had some heart problems yesterday and has been placed in a medically induced coma………….., which is rather weird since we thought she has been in a coma for the last 20 years!
Atlantic Canada is getting an early taste of fall weather as hurricane Cristobal races across the North Atlantic.
Cristobal is expected to stay out at sea today but cool, wet weather is expected as the storm merges with a cold front to become a massive low-pressure system.
The Canadian Hurricane Centre in Halifax says gusty winds and heavy rain are expected in parts of southeastern Newfoundland extending back into the Maritime provinces.
Look folks, I hate to say this, but the Maritimes have such shitty weather that anyone who lives there should consider moving!
Follow your buddies to Alberta, that way you might freeze to death, but at least ya won’t be soggy!
AND FINALLY: Gee, and they seemed so nice on TV!
We just learned that Katie Couric allegedly liked to accuse Diane Sawyer of blowing people to get ahead!
(Cat fight kids, cat fight!)

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