Well kids, the nuts have taken over the asylum again!
The University of Western Ontario student newspaper “The Gazette” printed a few articles in the Frosh issue that pissed of the feminists and a bunch of other politically correct assholes, and instead of telling them to go to hell ………………………, THEY APOLOGIZED!
Now I haven’t read the articles because they have been yanked from the shelves, but the whole kit-and-kaboodle goes something like this!
There were three articles for all the newbies to read and they concerned 1. Drinking and Drugging 2. Partying and 3. Attempting to date a teaching assistant.
As far as I can figure out the drink and drug thing didn’t advise students to go out and get hammered, it only commented on the activities of some first year students.
Same goes for the “partying” article.
A far as the “date a teaching assistant” thing goes, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT? Look folks, this is University, not public, or even high school! Since the teaching assistants are themselves about the age of the students. I say that if ya like one of them…………………………., GIVE IT A SHOT!
(At first the publication rightly defended itself, but then the political pressure became too much, and they caved-in like the Leaf’s just before the play-offs!)
Folks, I keep saying that this whole P.C. thing has gotten out of hand and it was proven again today when I read this retraction from the Gazette:
The Gazette would like to apologize for our Frosh Issue. The editorial board of The Gazette worked hard on the publication and our aim was to put out an entertaining issue for first-year students and Western as a whole. It’s clear that we have failed to do that and, for that, we apologize.
Oh ya, the femi-nazi’s and the rest of the politically irresponsible are grinning from ear to ear …………….., but they wouldn’t be smiling like that if somebody had the guts to stand up to them!
imagesPPJ14HD2Scientists are discussing the theory that the Universe is only two dimensional, in other words it only had length and width, NO DEPTH!
This means what we see is a hologram ……….., and it’s also bad news for someone like Kim Kardashian, since she would actually be flatter than Olive Oyl!
Think the Post Office is about to go broke?

Don’t bet on it kids.
untitledDuring the last three months they made $53 million bucks.
That’s over $200 million a year!
And they still don’t want to deliver to your house!
(I just found out that in Scotland they get mail delivery twice a day, and once on Saturday’s!)
Lilia Ratmanski, 25, of Whitby, and Milana Muzikante, 26, of Vaughan,were on their way to Cuba for a holiday……………, but they never made it!
Both have been charged with smoking on board an aircraft and endangering the safety of an aircraft.
imagesG3TPYL4HThe airline says the flight had left Toronto at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday en route to Cuba when it was disrupted by “two unruly female passengers.”
Sunwing vice-president Janine Chapman said the passengers had consumed a “significant quantity of their duty-free alcohol purchase in the lavatory.”
She said they lit a cigarette, triggering the smoke alarm, and “proceeded to get into a physical altercation with each other and made a threat against the aircraft.”
Chapman added in an email to The Canadian Press that the threat was considered non-credible given the condition of the passengers.
Const. Thomas Ruttan says the entire plane “erupted in cheers” when the two were removed from the aircraft after it arrived back at Pearson.
He says the pair will appear in court later today for a bail hearing and will also face additional charges including mischief endangering life and uttering threats.
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt just got married ………………………, if anyone give a shit!

images3OYBA4RJIn other news that doesn’t make any sense to me, there is a guy out West who stabbed five (count ‘em – 5) people to death at a party.
He didn’t just stab them once kids, but a whole bunch of times for each victim!
Now the court wants to give him a psychiatric assessment to see if he’s SANE!
(Betcha he isn’t!)

Well folks, you've heard of people who fake cancer to get money...... here's a Panda that faked being pregnant to get treats and preferential treatment!

990936-6-20140828021617A panda research center in China called off what would have been the first-ever live broadcast of a panda birth after determining that panda Ai Hin wasn’t pregnant—just crafty. Pregnant pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding get special treatment, and while “phantom pregnancies” among pandas are fairly common, experts suspect Ai Hin was actually faking symptoms, including reduced mobility, to get herself treats like extra bamboo, CNN reports.

“After showing prenatal signs, the ‘mothers-to-be’ are moved into single rooms with air conditioning and around-the-clock care,” an expert at the base explains. “They also receive more buns, fruits, and bamboo, so some clever pandas have used this to their advantage to improve their quality of life.” There are just 1,600 giant pandas left in the wild, so the breeding program is crucial to the species’ survival, though only around a quarter of captive female pandas give birth, AFP notes.
This is just outright NUTS, boys and girls!
Hunters in some parts of the country are now using “DRONES’ to locate prey!
(We here at the Perspective Research Department say that hunting isn’t even a sport unless you give the animals guns too!)
And finally: Something to either cheer you up……………………., or leave you sleepless at night!
Today in the politics-we-just-don’t-get-you-sometimes department, we have the latest polling from the Toronto mayoral race, which will take place in October. Mayor Rob Ford, who has faced calls for resignation and low approval ratings after admitting to an alcohol problem and cocaine use, is in second place. The candidate who was in the lead, Olivia Chow, has dropped to third place in the latest Forum Research poll, released Thursday. Ford’s other opponent, John Tory, has 34 percent of the vote, and Rob Ford is only a couple of percentage points behind him — the highest support he’s registered this year.


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