Well, the kid put his foot in it this time!
Last Friday Trudeau went to prayers at a Montreal Mosque, and did the same thing I do when I go to Sunday Mass with my wife………………, ya sit down with everybody, ya stand up with everybody, bow with everybody, turn left and then right with everybody, mumble with everybody, sing with everybody, etc. (You get the idea!)
NOW, here;’s the problem folks!
The Mosque he went to is a Fundamentalist Wah-Hooby place …………., just like the place all those fanatics and fundamentalists in Saudi Arabia go to!
 (Now comes the rub!)
Somewhere during all the sitting, and standing, and bowing, and mumbling, JUSTIN TRUDEAU SWORE TO BE A GOOD, LAW ABIDING, WAH-HOOBY MUSLIM!
Doesn’t matter that the whole thing was in Arabic, boys and girls…………………., he did the deed, and is now trapped!
And he can’t go back on his word because you know what Mooslims do to Apostates?
(People that leave the Faith!)

Well, well, Russia is set to invade Ukraine, and Russian hackers just stole over a billion usernames and passwords in a bid to take over the Internet!
This could get interesting!
Hey kids, wanna see a windmill explode?
Well, O.K. it’s actually a wind turbine, and this was taken during a hurricane like storm in Denmark ……., but just the same it’s pretty neat!

In reports just released to the media, almost 20% of Indian Chiefs in Canada make more than Prime Minister Stephen Harper!
Some native leaders say the new law is no big deal — that they’ve long shared such details with their own members. The legislation just makes the disclosures open to all Canadians.
But others are chafing, saying they weren’t properly consulted as the Conservatives drafted the law. Some are also frustrated that sensitive band business information is being posted online and that they’re being singled out for salary disclosures.
“It’s a shameful insult and they should repeal (the law),” said Chief Louise Hilllier of the Caldwell First Nation in Southwestern Ontario.
Calling the law “totally unnecessary and discriminatory,” Hillier said “it’s nobody’s business how much we make because it’s not taxpayers’ money.”
Then just were do these idiots think the money comes from?
Standouts among the early disclosures:
Chief John Thunder, Buffalo Point First Nation in Mantioba, was paid almost $117,000 last year. He was charged with extortion by the RCMP last year.
Chief Ron Giesbrecht, Kwikwetlem First Nation, in Coquitlam, made $914,000.
“Personally, I felt (the Act) was unnecessary and discriminatory, but am I afraid for people to know what I make? No, I’m not. We’ve always done audits and posted them to our website and handed them out to our members at the general meeting.
“I don’t approve of it, but I don’t have anything to hide. I don’t approve of any legislation that the government of Canada comes up with for us. They say it’s for our benefit, but we’ve never benefited. It’s a shameful insult.”
Chief Louise Hillier, Caldwell First Nation
“Every time there’s a political battle that’s going to take place, like the Idle No More movement or environmental (policy changes), the Canadian government spends millions of dollars telling the Canadian public that we’re not accountable and can’t be trusted with our money.”
Grand Chief Gordon Peters, of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians, an umbrella group for eight members nations in Ontario.
“We’ve been sharing our information for years. If anything, the greater community will see how underpaid and underfunded we are. We’re complex organizations, with local, municipal, provincial and federal governments all in one.”
James Jenkins, policy analyst, Walpole Island First Nation
What’s funny for one person, is upsetting for somebody else!

Personally, I don’t find this video hilarious, but it IS sort of funny!
Unless you’re a member of P.E.T.A. of course! (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and fishes!)
(They’re still bitchin’!)

Just saw a report which said a guy in New York City. who was handcuffed to a stretcher …….., and spit at a cop!
police21Then two or three cops started beating him.
(The EMS guys had to intervene to save the prisoner from more serious injuries, and then reported the naughty cops to their superiors.)
This was all bad enough, but what one of the cops said after this was really frightening1
He said: “Fuck the EMS, if they want a war………………., BRING IT ON!”
Nigeria seems to be one hell of a fun place to live folks!
First of all there is all that spam e-mail from rich widows, and dying government officials who want to get money out of the country.
Then there are the people themselves, who are pretty weird no matter how ya look at it! Most people have dogs and cats as pets, but these guys go for monkeys and hyena’s!

Well, that’s not even half of it, kids!
New footage released Tuesday by Amnesty International shows what appears to be graphic violence carried out by men who appear to be members of the state-sponsored militias, the Nigerian military and the Civilian Joint Task Force
The video, showing beatings and extrajudicial executions, comes from several incidents in the northeastern part of the country, and could serve as evidence of war crimes committed by the Nigerian forces, the agency said. Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty condemned the gruesome video, saying:
This shocking new evidence is further proof of the appalling disregard for humanity in north-eastern Nigeria, where war crimes are being committed with abandon by all sides in the conflict.”
One portion of the video shows what appears to be soldiers slitting the throats of detainees in Miduguri, the Borno capital, before discarding their bodies in a mass grave. The footage is dated March 14, 2014, and followed the military response to an attack on a military detention center in the city of Maiduguri by Islamist militant group Boko Haram—which the CJTF has been fighting since 2009—that same day.
Additional video footage uncovered by Amnesty International from July 23, 2013 shows the Nigerian military and the CJTF stripping men naked and beating them with machetes in an effort to determine if they were Boko Haram members. According to eyewitness accounts, 35 men were detained and driven away in trucks. Days later the men were brought back to the area, shot in groups, and left for dead.
Boko Haram, which gained international notoriety after kidnapping some 250 schoolgirls in April, 2014 was designated as a terrorist group by the U.S. in 2013.
Members of Boko Haram and other armed groups are responsible for a huge number of heinous crimes – like the abduction of the schoolgirls in Chibok more than three months ago – but the military are supposed to defend people, not to carry out further abuses themselves.”

4,000 have died in fighting in northeastern Nigeria this year, the majority civilians.
Yup, they sure know how to have a good time over there!

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