FOLKS, HERE’S AN EXAMPLE OF HOW NUTS THIS WHOLE COPYRIGHT THING HAS GOTTEN: Embroiled in a case of copyright violation, Wikipedia has reportedly refused to take down the picture of a monkey which was clicked using the camera of a British wildlife photographer.
However, the picture was not taken by photographer David Slater but by the monkey himself, reported The Huffington Post.
9uv7yL0mIn 2011, Slater spotted a crested black macaque in Indonesia and set up his camera to click a photo. Suddenly, the monkey snatched the camera and started to take selfies. The photos became viral and ended up on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, a website owned by the Wikimedia Foundation which provides royalty free photos to internet users around the world.

While Slater asked Wikipedia to take down the photo because the copyright belongs to him, Wikipedia refused to do so by arguing that the photo was technically taken by the monkey and not him.
Accusing Wikipedia of having a communistic view of life, Slater later said that he is aggrieved over the situation.
Meanwhile, Wikipedia has retorted by saying that since, a monkey cannot own the copyright therefore, there’s no one who owns the copyright and the image falls into the public domain. (ANI)
TORONTO — Two days after their arrest in China on suspicion of stealing state secrets, a Canadian couple was able to tell their children Wednesday that they weren’t under any physical duress, but remained confused and upset about the allegations.

(The accusations against the Garratts came just a few days after the Canadian government blamed Chinese hackers for infiltrating computers at the National Research Council of Canada, a claim Beijing vehemently denied.)
The Chinese embassy in Ottawa, however, is dismissing questions about the timing of the Garratts’ detention.
“We believe there is no need to overinterpret this case,” spokesman Yang Yundong said in a statement. “Various rights of the couple have been fully guaranteed.”
The couple’s children have called the allegations against their parents “crazy,” noting that the pair has never had access to classified state information.
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The details aren’t important kids, the only thing ya have to know is that this is mating season for elephants!

Since we banned oil and natural gas from Russia they have banned Ontario apples………………, that’s not quite “apples to oranges” but it’s close!
This one doesn’t need any explanation folks!

MEANWHILE a bit further south:
Extremist group Boko Haram has reportedly seized yet another major Nigerian town, killing at least 100 civilians in the process. Nigeria’s Daily Post reports that Gwoza, one of the most populated areas in the northeastern Borno State, was seized by the group at dawn, who came in using armored tanks and Toyota Hilux pickup trucks. Local news agency Sahara Reporters says that the attack began at dawn, and the town was under Boko Haram control by late morning. Nigerian soldiers were reportedly outmatched by what SR calls, worryingly, Boko Haram’s “increasingly sophisticated weaponry.”


Even in non-prudish Austria, nudity in public places has its price.
17865-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Nude-Middle-Aged-Cacuasian-Woman-With-Black-Curly-Hair-Preparing-To-Take-A-ShowerA woman faces a fine of up to 1,000 euros ($1,340) for repeated outings in nothing but a pair of white tennis shoes.
Police spokesman Johann Baumschlager says the young woman was stopped by police Tuesday after cycling past officers manning a radar trap on a highway in northeastern Austria.
Baumschlager said Wednesday the woman was identified and told to go home and get dressed. She was also informed she had been charged with disturbing public decency — a misdemeanor that carries a maximum 1,000-euro fine.
She had previously been sighted in the buff while shopping in a supermarket and at a gas station, filling up her car.
The woman was not named in keeping with Austrian privacy laws.
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Here’s a real life “Notebook!”
Don and Maxine Simpson from Bakersfield, California, died four hours apart on adjoining beds, holding hands during some of their final hours.
Melissa Sloan said her grandmother died first and when her body was removed from the room, her husband followed.
“All Don wanted was to be with his beautiful wife. He adored my grandmother, loved her to the end of the earth,” she told KERO-TV.
He was 90 and she was 87, and they met at a bowling alley in Bakersfield in 1952, getting married in the same year.

Scientists have discovered microbes living in microscopic droplets of water inside a giant asphalt lake on Earth, suggesting that alien life could perhaps exist within ponds of sludge on distant landscapes such as Saturn’s largest moon Titan.
However, investigators had thought oil was too toxic for life, “Oil was considered to be dead,”said lead study author Rainer Meckenstock, an environmental microbiologist at Helmholtz Zentrum M√ľnchen, in Germany.
Now, scientists found microbes active within a pitch Lake.
These findings suggest microbes could play a greater role in breaking down oil than previously thought, Schulze-Makuch said.
“Even at the highest oil concentrations in, for example, an oil spill or contaminated groundwater, you can expect a vibrant microbial community eating the oil,” Meckenstock said.
However, while microbes could break down oil more than previously suspected, this does not mean oil deposits will suddenly vanish, Meckenstock said. These processes are still “extremely slow and take geological time frames, say millions of years,” Meckenstock said. “We have very little droplets and enormous amounts of oil.”
The discovery of these new microscopic habitats for life may also have implications for Titan, which has hydrocarbon lakes on its surface, Schulze-Makuch said. Water-ammonia mixtures may rise up to Titan’s surface from below, just as the water found in droplet form in Pitch Lake is thought to have.
The researchers plan to investigate “how life in the droplets works and how the ecology of these mini-ecosystems functions,” Meckenstock said.

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