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Those pesky French didn’t like the “.ca” stuff, so starting this fall there will be a “.quebec” address as well!
Good for them …………………………, stay there!
HitchBOT left Halifax in late July, thumbing rides across more than 6,000 kilometres until it arrived in Victoria earlier this week. GPS technology tracked its progress on the robot’s website and Twitter account, which built up roughly 35,000 followers.
HitchBOT, which is about the size and weight of a small child and has a face displayed on a digital screen, is loaded with speech recognition software. That allowed it to tell people where it wanted to go, while also asking and responding to simple questions.
“You know it’s not a human, but you humanize it, and you’re trying to have a conversation and some kind of weird relationship,” says Leeson.
HitchBOT’s creators say it received at least 18 different rides as complete strangers took on the responsibility of transporting the robot closer to its destination.
The robot’s many adventures included watching a First Nations powwow, crashing a wedding, having high tea in Victoria, and posing for countless photos at gas stations, in cafes and along highways across the country.
HitchBOT co-creator Frauke Zeller, an assistant professor at Ryerson University, says she wanted to explore how humans would respond when the typical role of technology is reversed.
“Usually, we have robots to help us,” says Zeller.
“In this case, this robot is absolutely dependent on people’s help, so are we willing to do that? I think we had some very amazing results.”
The creators didn’t co-ordinate rides beforehand, instead relying on drivers encountering HitchBOT at random to pick it up. In some instances, those drivers arranged the robot’s next ride, while others simply left it on the side of the highway to flag down a ride with its motorized arm.
When the robot arrived in Victoria, its mechanical arm was broken and there was a crack on the plastic cake holder that formed its head, but it was otherwise in good shape.

(According to the information gathered by the Perspective Research Department, HitchBot will spend the fall writing a book about its adventures, and then next spring will hitch-hike back to the east coast!)
It seems that “conspiracy theorists” are not created equal in the United States, but rather follow party lines as far as the Democrats and Republicans are concerned.
The left wing conspiracy theorists see issues in stuff that is important to them being undermined by the right, while the right wing people see the boogeyman in left wing folks messing around with their issues.
No wonder they don’t get along, they can’t even agree on what they are imagining!
In the escalating war of words and deeds between Russian and the United States, Russia has now closed all of the MacDonalds restaurants in and around Moscow

84da35decf2b8a7a0936d3e4fc3a04e1That gruesome video showing the beheading of journalist James Foley may actually be fueling the popularity of ISIS, which is likely unconcerned that the “barbarity” of the video will galvanize American support for U.S. airstrikes in Iraq.
“They [Islamic State militants] believe these actions serve them,” said Scott Stewart, vice-president of tactical analysis for the geopolitical intelligence firm Stratfor.
“For months, they’ve been beheading, amputating the hands of thieves, crucifying people in areas they control in Syria,” said Stewart, a former special agent with the U.S. State Department who was involved in hundreds of terrorism investigations.
“Despite these barbaric displays … it’s been successful. They’ve been able to grow and flourish, and they have been able to attract people to their cause despite this barbarity — perhaps because of it.”
(Well folks, this proves that the only cure for this sort of extremism is a bullet to the head!)
O.K. kids, have a look at this sign!

Well, according to a web-site called “snopes.com” this sign is a FAKE!
You have absolutely NOTHING to worry about! [sic]
Forget Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera and all those other Japanese monsters kids!
There is a new terror on the lose!
(It was first seen in Tokyo and then Hong Kong, but strangely disappeared …………….., until it showed up in L.A. yesterday!)

Folks, here’s an “Asshole of the Day” you’re not gonna believe!
asshole trophy

Your otherwise sane and humble reporter was totally floored by this one!
I’m not gonna comment, I’m not gonna speculate, I’m not gonna do anything other than give youo the headline I saw in “Gawker” today!
Pageant Mom Fed Her Teen Tapeworms to Make Her Lose Weight

If you have the stomach for it, you can get the rest of the story here:
Well folks, we may not have found Jimmy Hoffa, but we finally found out what happened to the Neanderthals
The Neanderthals died out about 10,000 years earlier than previously thought, new fossil dating suggests, adding to evidence that the arrival of modern humans in Europe pushed our ancient Stone Age cousins into extinction. (Read “Last of the Neanderthals” in National Geographic magazine.)
Of course, there was a lot of speculation that Jimmy Hoffa was a Neanderthal himself!

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