Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., listens to other Senators speak on Capitol Hill in Washington, during a news conference on the violence in the Mideast. ( AP FILE PHOTO)
Well folks, IT WASN’T THE FACT THAT HE IS BLACK! It wasn’t his birthplace. It wasn’t his religion. It wasn’t the economy. It wasn’t Obamacare! It wasn’t Benghazi, or Iraq! It wasn’t about impeaching Obama because they can’t think of anything to impeach him for.
Oh ……………….., wait a minute!
Now there’s a bull they can, and will, grab by the horns, or balls, and run with, folks!
You would not believe how much you’re gonna hear about ISIS in the next little while!
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican U.S. Senator John McCain said on Saturday that President Barack Obama’s limited military action against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq showed a “fundamental misunderstanding of the threat,” and called for strikes against the group’s positions in Syria, The New York Times reported.
McCain, a frequent critic of Obama’s foreign policy including his handling of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, said the airstrikes authorized by the president are not enough to deal with a growing threat to the United States that he called “the richest, most powerful terrorist organization in history,” the paper said.
Republican leaders took to the Sunday talk show circuit to criticize what they see as a weak response by the Obama administration to the crisis in Iraq, making the case that the emboldened militant group ISIL is also a threat to the United States.
On “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) accused Obama of having no game plan for handling ISIL and simply attempting to avoid “a bad news story.”
“So Mr. President, you have never once spoken directly to the American people about the threat we face from being attacked from Syria, now Iraq,” said Graham. “What is your strategy to stop these people from attacking the homeland? They have expressed a desire to do so.”
“[Obama is] trying to avoid a bad news story on his watch,” he said.
On NBC’s “”Meet the Press,” Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) echoed Graham’s points, saying that ISIL is “more powerful now than al Qaeda was on 9/11″ and that Obama is “a weak leader” for doing too little.
“We see this coming,” said King. “For the president to say we’re doing airstrikes, we’re not doing anything else. We’re not going to use American combat troops, not going to do this, not going to do that. What kind of leadership is that? You should never let the enemy know what you’re going to do.”
“What a weak leader,” said King. “Can you imagine Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt or Harry Truman [not taking action]?”
President Obama, who once called ISIL a “jayvee team,” seems to recognize that there was an initial miscalculation of ISIL’s strength, but it’s not clear how the administration is compensating for that misreading.
“There is no doubt that their advance, their movement over the last several months has been more rapid than the intelligence estimates and I think the expectations of policy makers both in and outside of Iraq,” Obama said on Saturday. “Part of that is not a full appreciation of the full degree to which the Iraq security forces, when they are far away from Baghdad, did not have the incentive or capacity to hold ground against an aggressive adversary.”
MEANWHILE: Just like Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, Islamic State militants have killed hundreds of Iraq’s minority Yazidis, burying some alive and taking women as slaves, an Iraqi government minister said on Sunday, as U.S. warplanes again bombed the insurgents.
Human rights minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani accused the Sunni Muslim insurgents – who have ordered the community they regard as “devil worshipers” to convert to Islam or die - of celebrating a “a vicious atrocity” with cheers and weapons waved in the air.
Look folks, it doesn’t matter how you look at it, or what you call it, we are at war with various factions of Islam ……………, and you can’t call it a “war of civilizations” because these people are NOT civilized.
They are a bunch of savages!
The only other thing that is for sure, is that they have a hell of a public relations problem with the rest of the world!
Kurdish regional president Masoud Barzani urged his allies to send arms to help his forces hold off the militants, who have bases across the Syrian border.
During a visit by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Barzani said: “We are not fighting a terrorist organization, we are fighting a terrorist state.”
I don’t know what to make of the situation, boys and girls!
Here in North America we only got trouble in River City ……………, over there they got trouble in Egypt, in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya, in Niger, in Qatar, in Gaza, in Iran, in Saudi Arabia, in Uganda, in Lebanon, and whoever else doesn’t come to mind at the moment.
To top it all off………………… sprinkle a little bit of Ebola around, and stir well……………………………………. now bring it all to a boil!
AND FINALLY: Talk about the kettle calling the pot BLACK!
MailmasterA biracial woman was fired from her job at the Black Educators Association in Nova Scotia in part because she “wasn’t black enough,” the province’s Human Rights Commission has determined.
Rachel Brothers filed a human rights complaint in 2008, claiming she had been discriminated against when she was fired from her job as a regional educator with the Black Educators Association in December 2006.
Donald Murray, chair of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, said in a written ruling issued this month that the non-profit organization “accepted colourist thinking” in 2006, and that Brothers’ skin colour played a part in her termination.

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