(Reports of a Calgary man getting killed while fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have been circulating Twitter. Farah Mohamed Shirdon, who seems to also use the name Abu Usamah, can be seen threatening to destroy Canada and burning his passport in a propaganda video from Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS or ISIL)
Folks, I don’t rejoice in the death of anyone, but let’s just say that the demise of some people doesn’t bother me in the least!
It also instantly qualifies him as our “Asshole of the Day!”
He apparently left Canada to fight in Syria earlier this year.

asshole trophyShirdon posted tweets like “The disbelievers will never understand our love for death” and “One day in Jihad with all its struggles is more beloved to me than spending years at home in comfort with my family” while urging others to join his cause.
He also tweeted more gruesome messages about be-headings, stating his goal was “martyrdom.”
“Dear mother,” read one of his final tweets on July 10, “I have sold my soul for the sake of Allah, we may never meet again in this life but InshaaAllah Allah will reunite us in Jannah.”
The federal government says it is aware of reports of a Canadian being killed in Iraq, but hasn’t confirmed the death.
Calgary imam Syed Soharwardy worries the reported death could lead to others following his example.
Soharwardy, of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, described youth who fight in Syria and Iraq as “brainwashed” and calls their actions “fanaticism” and “terrorism.”
“Absolutely I think it creates more attraction for those people who already on the borderline and have some sort of extremist feelings toward the more moderate Muslims,” said Soharwardy. “And that’s why it’s very disturbing.”
With files from the Canadian Press: Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/canadian-killed-fighting-for-islamic-state-according-to-social-media-reports-1.1962406#ixzz3AZJIrE2h
While I’m in a rant mode let’s talk about the United States as well!
Now don’t get me wrong, the United States of America still has some wonderful attributes, and some of the nicest people in the world………, BUT, there is stuff happening down there that makes me shiver in my boots!
The first is the number of crazies running lose! (The NRA, militia’s, right wing Republicans and the Tea Party, fundamentalist Christians, various cults and sects, gangs, the disparity between the rich and the poor, and of course, people from Louisiana!)

Next is the very thing that Dwight Eisenhower warned us about back in the fifties: THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!
imagesThis can best be exemplified by the recent actions of the NSA, and the militarization of the nations police forces, which we just witnessed again during the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.
Folks there are certain indicators that suggest the United States of America is sliding towards a fascist state of mind, when they really should be considering a more socialist point of view!
Matter of fact, let’s leave it with what Robin Williams once said about the relationship between Canada and the States: “You are the kindest country in the world,” he said. “You’re like a really nice apartment over top of a meth lab.”
Truer words were never spoken kids!
Now, on the other hand, here is an article that I can both agree and disagree with.
I don’t agree with this woman getting arrested, but there is no way she should be swearing in front of her small kids either!
Danielle Wolf was not having a good night at the Kroger grocery store in North Augusta, SC.
argument_0_1408107388She says her husband kept squishing the bread in their cart by putting frozen pizzas on top of it, and Wolf expressed her displeasure at the situation by swearing.
That’s when her night got really bad.
A fellow shopper approached her and accused her of using the F-word in front of her kids………………., “I’m like, ‘When did I say this to my kids?’” (Wolf tells WJBF. “I said that to my husband, that he was smashing the bread.”)
But somehow, after everything was said and done, the police were called, and Wolf ended up getting arrested for the incident!
Read more: http://www.ktsmradio.com/articles/weird-news-104673/mom-arrested-for-swearing-in-front-12674803#ixzz3AZRoBMAw
Dianna Sheely was shocked last year when she heard that a teacher at Colerain High, the same district where her children go to school, was arrested for having sexual contact with a student.
That’s not so bad kids, when I went to high school we had a knockout girls phys-ed teacher who went out with a guy in grade 13 until she dumped him to run away with the Principal!
I’m not publishing any names, dates or locations to protect the innocent………………………, if there are any!
(By the way, the student was younger than her, but the Principal was WAY older!)
AND FINALLY: speaking, as we were about Robin Williams, one of my favourite blogs is called “The Wonkette” and I read it just about every day!
It’s articles like this that make it stand out from the crowd!
It’s kind of beautiful how, in the midst of tragedy, some people can calmly assess the situation and find a way to make things just a little shittier. Consider the great minds at conspiracy wackaloon hub WND, who took the occasion of Robin William’s suicide to pimp DVDs about the Satanic influence of pop culture.
The piece, an excerpt of a column/ad by one Joe Schimmel of “Goodfight Ministries,” pretends to explain what REALLY happened to Williams, and why:
Everybody is currently talking about Robin Williams and his tragic suicide. Many are puzzled as to how a man, who made so many people laugh, could be so depressed that he would violently end his life. What people are not learning is the deeper truth about the insidious forces that tormented Robin Williams and drove him to suicide.
Robin Williams acknowledged that he had opened himself up to transformative demonic powers that aided him on stage. Without the aid of such demonic powers, it is likely that you would have never have heard of Robin Williams and many other famous celebrities. Williams also recognized that these powers had manifested a very evil influence on stage and that there could be a hefty price to pay for their assistance. Williams told James Kaplan of US Weekly:
“Yeah! Literally, it’s like possession — all of a sudden you’re in, and because it’s in front of a live audience, you just get this energy that just starts going…But there’s also that thing — it is possession. In the old days you’d be burned for it…But there is something empowering about it. I mean, it is a place where you are totally — it is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where you really can become this other force. Maybe that’s why I don’t need to play evil characters [in movies], ’cause sometimes onstage you can cross that line and come back. Clubs are a weird kind of petri dish environment. I mean, that’s where people can get as dark as they can in comedy — in the name of comedy, be talking about outrageous stuff and somehow come out the other side. I mean, that’s one place where you really want to push it” (Robin Williams, “Robin Williams,” by James Kaplan, US Weekly, January, 1999, p. 53).
Robin-Williams-conjures-a-demonWilliams’ last statement quoted above answers the question as to why the demonic powers use entertainers. Their goal is to promote evil and darkness and increase mankind’s rebellion against God.

Or maybe members of the sane people community would know that Williams was saying that in Olden Times, superstitious, unsophisticated folk used to label just about anything out of the ordinary as “demonic,” and that he was not “admitting” that he loved to dance skyclad with the Faerie Folk and to summon the helper imps of the Great HornĂ©d One so they could all have a Hollywood Orgy. Mind you, if Williams did dance skyclad, he’d have at least kept warm, since the man had as much body hair as Chewbacca.
Schimmel, of course, is pushing an informative DVD called “Hollywood Unmasked 2″ for only $19.95 (or you can buy it and part 1 for a special low-low price), but it would be wrong to think he’s just capitalizing on Williams’s death — what part of “Ministry” did you not understand? Did Jesus not build your hot rod? And with the excerpt at WND, Schimmel’s pushing They Sold Their Souls For Rock N Roll, a three-hour DVD, for the special Dead Entertainer price of only $15.95, and there’s nothing ghoulish about that, either.
We’d say something about the how the real cause of Williams’s problems wasn’t demons but depression, complicated by a recent diagnosis of Parkinsons, but Schimmel already advises us that there is no such thing as a medical treatment for depression:
Depression can have many sources, but has only one ultimate remedy. True joy can only come from a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the infilling of His Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is manifold and includes love and joy. Let us remember that there are a lot of hurting people out there like Robin Williams, who are filled with hopelessness and despair. May God make us sensitive to their needs and help us to show them His great love through our concern, willingness to help and sharing the gospel.
Also, please buy some shitty Jesus DVDs, amen.

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