Richard Kiel is the latest Hollywood celebrity to kick the bucket, or in this case, “bites the dust!” [sic]
Kiel’s most memorable stints were as villains in shows such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Wild Wild West, and in films like The Longest Yard and Silver Streak. But Kiel would ultimately be defined by his role as Jaws, the metal-mouthed James Bond villain of the Roger Moore-era who first appeared in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me and was apparently so popular that they had him reprise his role in 1979’s Moonraker.
This was his official obituary:
Richard Kiel, whose towering height and distinctive baritone voice defined his nearly 50-year career in television and films, most notably as the steely toothed James Bond villain Jaws, died Wednesday afternoon in Fresno, Calif. at the age of 74, TMZ reports.
The actor had been hospitalized after breaking his leg earlier in the week, but it is still unclear if that was related to his death.
HOWEVER, There is some confusion about how he died, and the Perspective Research Department did some investigating into the matter and found out that in fact, Mr. Keil was walking in the woods outside Fresno when a tree fell on him…., and after being trapped under a branch for almost a day, he was forced to chew off his foot to escape!
Well kids, I was sitting here laughing at what I just wrote in that first little bit, when the “Mrs herself” came walking in and informed me that there is something inherently wrong with laughing at your own jokes!
Missouri woman now have one more hoop to jump through to receive an abortion. State lawmakers voted Wednesday night to override Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of a bill to expand wait period for abortions from 24 hours to 72 hours. That means over two thirds of both the House (117-44) and the Senate (23-7) voted in favor of the veto override, making Missouri one of three states that makes women wait several days before getting the procedure, along with Utah and South Dakota.
Apparently Katy Perry and Taylor Swift hate each other with a passion, and wouldn’t be seen in the same room together!

(Well, there goes my fantasy about dating both of them at the same time!)

First there was the Dude Chilling Park sign. Now there’s the statue of Satan grabbing his erection while giving the devil’s horns salute (and what other kind of salute would Satan give?).
Commuters in Vancouver yesterday were greeted with the sight of a large, red Satan flashing the salute and, um, parts of his anatomy, as the statue mysteriously appeared in a park near Grandview Highway. The statue was visible to SkyTrain commuters nearby, who may not have noticed because they were thanking God for the fact that the SkyTrain had miraculously not broken down.
The stunt was reminiscent of the recent Dude Chilling Park sign that appeared in Vancouver’s Guelph Park. Officials removed the sign, but it proved to be so popular that the city eventually relented and allowed a permanent sign to be installed in the park. Not surprisingly, it was quickly stolen. And perhaps used in a ritual sacrifice to summon the devil statue.

The city of Vancouver removed the offending Satan from the garden, um, park, stating it was not officially commissioned. However, the statue already has a cult following. Apparently a number of people have expressed interest in acquiring the devil statue for themselves. You have to admit, it would be a great conversation piece at parties. And your home would dominate your neighbourhood Halloween decoration contests! Plus, it would make a great hat rack. The city, however, stated in a tweet that it was holding the statue until the owner comes to collect it. Because that always ends well in the movies.

There are a number of people who want the statue returned to its spot in the park, though. Just like the Dude Chilling sign before it, the statue is seen as representative of Vancouver’s quirky nature. Don’t ever change, you devil-worshipping East Vancouverites! Now a petition is circulating online at to bring the giant horny Satan statue back to the spot it originally spawned. It’s already been signed by more than 980 people, although it’s unclear how much power their signatures will have given they didn’t sign in blood.

The petition even references the Dude Chilling Park sign as precedence for the return of the Satan statue, saying “Just like the beloved ‘Dude Chilling Park’ sign that was clandestinely installed and later allowed due to public pressure and support, the Giant Beelzebub-With-a-Boner statue should be reinstalled as a piece of public art and serve as a reminder that art is in the eye of the beholder and nothing more.”
Another petition titled “Bring Back Penis Satan,” is asking Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson to return the work of art that mysteriously appeared on Tuesday morning. It has 321 signatures.

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