Hey kids, it must have stopped raining in Vancouver because everybody has found something else to bitch about besides the weather!
Vancouver residents were only able to view a lewd Satan statue for a few hours before it was gone, but now a new petition is trying to bring it back.
The three-metre tall red, nude, anatomically-faithful figure that is flashing the devil’s horns with one hand and touching his private parts with the other was first seen by a passerby Tuesday morning. It was visible to SkyTrain commuters in East Vancouver.
But as soon as jokes about the statue began appearing on social media, it was taken down by city officials because it was not officially commissioned.

Now, a lot of residents want it re-erected and more than 1,200 so far have signed an online petition.
imagedfgfThe petition, started by Darryl Greer of Vancouver, says the city has a long history of investing in public art. For example, a porcelain dog cost the city $100,000.
“Just as some were offended by the price tag and substance of the porcelain dog, others may have been offended at the sight of Lucifer’s Plastic Love Pump, but none would be offended at its price tag,” reads the petition, which points out the Satan statue cost the city nothing. “Art is in the eye of the beholder and nothing more.”
People from all over the world – including Ho Chi Minh City, Brussels, Helsinki, Brisbane and Toronto – have signed the petition.
“As a former resident of Vancouver I would love to see the city boast a piece of art that embraces male sexuality without turning down-cast eyes. It seems something our culture seems so afraid to do. Good going Vancouver,” writes Michael Mills of Toronto.
“Artistic expression is an important cornerstone to free speech, and also this statue is hilarious and desperately needed in today’s too-serious and conservative world,” writes Kirk Hamilton from Edmonton.
A Vancouver art gallery and shop tweeted at the city to inquire about displaying the statue at the gallery.
-I think it’s awesome, if you don’t like it don’t look at it. If you don’t want children to see it don’t let them see it. Simple. Wonderful ART never mind the pruds.
-If an anatomically correct statue is raising this kind of fuss about “art” vs “lewdness”, then will someone please tell me why we have (at a minimum) a “convention” where we wear clothing in public? For those saying that it shouldn’t affect kids, then YOU take off your clothes in public. It shouldn’t affect anybody… get a grip, “artsy” people. You’re speaking a double standard.

imagewerr4-This is art!!!! You’ve got to be kidding!
-How about we get a petition going as to who would like it removed? I would be the first to sign! Who would want a Satan Statue in their community? I wouldn’t call it art I would call it people who love to rock the boat, they get a kick out of pushing boundaries knowing it will greatly offend some.
-The people who have taken offence to this are the same type of people that would have seen the david covered up or destroyed. Closed minds ruining society with extreme conservatism. If you do not enjoy it, look elswhere. This is not 1930 anymore, we should embrace open mindedness.
-This is lewdness; not art. Common decency tells us that it is not proper for a man to stand nude in a public place, holding his private parts.
-NorthernThunder…finding something inappropriate doesn’t make someone fearful it means they have a difference of opinion..why would anyone be afraid of a statue…MY opinion is it is stupid and embarrassing to Vancouver.. you approve of it and that is YOUR opinion…end of discussion
-Kat: If young children see it, they’ll see an anatomically-correct devil statue. Their parents can help them understand using whatever belief system they choose. The statue isn’t going to corrupt their fragile little minds, it’s just a statue.
-I am embarrassed to live in a country with people who are afraid of a statue. It is an absurd, irrational fear.
-Esther….common decency tells us no such thing. the law tells us that. now, tell me what part of nudity is unnatural, please. seems to me cars belching toxic fumes all over the place offends more than some anatomically correct statue. eye of the beholder, perhaps? I wont tell you what to like, and I wont tell you what to like. agreed?
-You’re all going to hell!

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/petition-growing-to-re-erect-satan-statue-in-vancouver-1.2002814#ixzz3D6bP83AN

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