A human rights lawyer is raising concern about the federal government’s plan to strip Canadian passports of those suspected of traveling abroad to join extremist groups.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada has confirmed it is “revoking and refusing passports to those going abroad to take part in terrorist activities.”
Lorne Waldman, the head of the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers, says he’s worried the government might use its powers arbitrarily.
Waldman likened the practice to Canada’s secretive no-fly list, which civil liberties groups have argued violates the right to due process.
In the case of passport revocation, Waldman says there are at least legal avenues available for people to appeal such a decision through the courts.
But he said there should be assurances that power is used fairly by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.
About 310,000 people converged upon the streets of New York city on Sunday afternoon for the People’s Climate March — an event scheduled to coincide with the U.N. summit on Tuesday — intended “to mobilize political will” towards reducing global carbon emissions.
Canadians were there en-mass unofficially led by federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May.
The surprising thing about this rally is that some people protested Canada’s Oil Sands project, BUT ……………, not one word was mentioned about the thousands of oil rigs in the gulf of Mexico!
Oh, wait a minute, the people who own the oil rigs in the gulf …., they’re the one’s with the the money behind the protests against the competition oil sands!
Stop the press! The lovely and leggy Heidi Klum was dressed to kill at amfAR Milano Fashion Week this past weekend in a high-slit black gown with a peekaboo golden girdle.
Out of concern for the feelings of us normal looking people, we have decided NOT to show the complete picture!
Lokk boys and girls, if ya keep wondering what makes thes seemingly NORMAL looking kids turn around and become Islamic radicals………… this might help explain it!
Moner Mohammad Abusalha, 22, was a community college student who grew up playing basketball in Vero Beach, Florida. But Abusalha, the son of a Palestinian father and Italian-American mother, became increasingly consumed with religious fervor.
He said he was influenced by a close, radical friend, according to a video he made before he killed himself and 16 others while fighting with Nusra Front, al-Qaida’s branch in Syria.
Both decided that jihad was for them, but when it was time to go, the friend backed out.
Before getting to Syria, Abusalha was in Istanbul, Turkey. He describes his time there as a low point in his life. In a video, he says he saw a cat outside a Turkish mosque. “I see this beautiful cat and I start playing with the cat. … Even though I’m sad, I still feel happy. I see this cat and I feel happy.” Then I go and become Jihadist!
Officials were quoted as saying they thought Abusalha was obviously suffering from some sort of “cat scratch fever!”
Talk about a sore loser! Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond, in the wake of lat weeks NO vote on independence, said Scotland was “TRICKED” into voting no!
(Boo Hoo!)
Talk about getting involved in stuff that’s outside your area of expertise …………….., Leonardo DiCaprio may not have nabbed any of the four Oscars for which he’s been nominated, but his work to protect the environment earned him a prestigious Clinton Global Citizen Award Sunday night.
Even though he is only an actor, and not a scientist, Leonardo’s views on global warming, the Alberta Oil Sands, nuclear power and carbon emissions in general has been noted, and lauded, by environmentalists around the country!
Meanwhile, in a similar attempt to operate outside of his area of expertise, Physicist Stephan Hawking is going to try his luck at acting in a movie!
He’s doing a re-make of the film “My Left Foot!”
Talk about yer stupid headlines in the news today: “Spanish priest in serious condition with Ebola!”
Of course he is, you idiots…………………., HE’S GOT EBOLA!
Here’s another one: “If You Enjoy Something, Don’t Try to Make It a Habit”
My wife took one look at this, and brought up the subject of sex!
Keenan Shaw was honoured toady at the 2038 Canadian Businessman of the Year Awards!
In his acceptance speech he took a few minutes to reminisce about how he got his start in the business world by getting suspended from high school way back in 2014, when he was just 17, for selling pop from his school locker!
Coca-Cola Post Strong Earnings
Folks, ya might consider this nitpicking, or just plain silly, but the use of proper English in society has taken a dramatic downturn.
Here’s another misleading headline: Firefighter electrocuted in Kentucky ice bucket challenge accident has died!
WELL OF COURSE HE HAS …………………, if he was shocked, zapped, charged or blasted by electricity he could eventually die from his injuries, but if he is electrocuted, that means it killed him dead, done, kaput, fried and toasted, RIGHT ON THE SPOT!
(When the execute someone they electrocute them, not just shock them, bunky!)


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