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We have mentioned on these pages that the United States of America is a truly schizophrenic society because on the one hand it’s the greatest country in the world, and on the other it has things that go on there that scare the shit out of me, and a whole bunch of other people!
With that in mind, we here at the Perspective Research Department have done extensive studies on how this fatal flaw can be rectified…………….., and we found some answers!
NOW, since I rule the world, and what I say in the spirit of decency and common sense becomes the new “law of the land,” we have a few declarations to make regarding the U.S. of A.
First of all, NO MORE LOBBYISTS, or lobbying! (The government has to operate according to the wishes of the people, and not the special interest groups!)
There is a major problem down there due to the fact the U.S. has the largest prison population per capita of any nation in the world.
(Blame the adversarial system itself, the minimum sentencing guidelines, the “war on drugs,” the “for profit” prison system, and the corrupt law enforcement agencies and over zealous, “win at any cost,” prosecution attorneys!)
Lets’ start with a ban on “”for profit” prisons, since this exists on the premise of putting as many people as possible into jail.
The war on drugs is a total failure, and emphasis should be on treatment, not punishment.
Minimum sentencing is a human rights abuse, and should be banned immediately.
Corrupt police forces should be totally overhauled. (New Orleans, for example!)
Get rid of the “adversarial system” where it’s the cops and D.A.’s duty to win at any cost. (There is no desire to get at the truth and dispense “justice” anymore, just on winning the case for brownie points!)
(Oh, by the way, these now rules are to go into effect immediately! -Ed.)
We have a GREAT “Asshole of the day” for ya today, folks!
asshole trophy
In case you missed it, Ben Affleck did the normal “Hollywood, left wing celebrity bullshit” routine in ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ Friday night!
Ben Affleck and Bill Maher clearly have differing views on Islam.
The Gone Girl star appeared on Friday’s Real Time With Bill Maher, and the two sparred when Affleck felt Maher and guest Sam Harris were painting an overly broad and negative picture of those who practice Islam.
Affleck did not appreciate Harris’ comment that Americans have been “sold this meme of Islamophobia.” Affleck responded by asking Harris, “Hold on — are you the person who officially understands the codified doctrine of Islam?”
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“It’s gross, it’s racist,” Affleck added about Maher and Harris’ remarks. “It’s like saying, ‘Oh, you shifty Jew.’ ” Maher told Affleck that he wasn’t actually listening to them.
Harris said Islam is currently the “motherload of bad ideas,” with which Maher agreed, leading Affleck to counter: “It’s just an ugly thing to say.”

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Here’s another one of those stories where it’s difficult to get at the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!
imagesB8OE7GU1Atlanta police say a naked man who was acting erratically at an Atlanta airport gate was shocked with a Taser and will likely face criminal charges.
Police spokesman Greg Lyon says the naked 23-year-old man was at a Delta gate in the A concourse of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Thursday morning yelling and acting strangely.
Lyon says airport police were called to try calming the man down, but he kept yelling and an officer shot him with a Taser to try controlling the situation without a physical fight.
Lyon says the man was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital for a medical evaluation and will be charged with disorderly conduct.
The Perspective Research Department is attempting to find out if the man was tasered because he was naked, or because he was behaving erratically!
Nothing definite to report yet!
And talk about “being naked!” (Folks, if I ever retire, I want to go to “The Villages” retirement home in Florida’s Sunter County!)
1412355564000-James-Adams--Charm-GilbertA second couple in the past four months has been busted for having sex out in public at the retirement community The Villages.
Cops were called out the scene near one of the town’s entrances around 8:40 a.m. to reports of “two naked people making out,” according to the report.
When police arrived they found the couple — Charm Gilbert, 40, and James Adams, 47 — “having sexual intercourse within direct view of the public” with the nude woman “lying on an electrical box with her legs spread open,” according to the police report. The man was also naked.
Once they got dressed, Adams reportedly told police they were having sex there because they had nowhere else to go. The pair lives a couple miles from the community that calls itself “Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown.”
The two were each charged with indecent exposure and disturbing the peace.
Back in June, a woman and her younger lover were caught having sex in The Villages town square.

A fornicating pensioner and her younger lover were arrested after being caught having sex in the usually sedate town square of a Florida retirement community.
untitledCops found 68-year-old Margaret Ann Klemm, pantless in the pavilion with her shirt pulled down with David Bobilya, 49, whose trousers and underwear were dropped around his ankles.
Police had been called to The Villages – a 50,0000-strong community for the over 55’s in Florida’s Sunter County – at 10.30 p.m. on June 2.
Officers ordered the pair to get dressed and arrested them for indecent exposure, according to The Smoking Gun.
They appeared intoxicated!
untitledrtKlemm, who resides in The Villages, and Bobilya, of nearby Summerfield, were booked and later released on $1,500 bail.
They are set to appear in court on July 2.
Four days before Klemm’s arrest she’d pleaded guilty to the reckless driving of a golf cart and sentenced to a year’s probation after being arrested for DUI in April.
The Villages describes itself as ‘Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown’.
Its three town squares offer shopping, dining, and theater along with free nightly entertainment that finishes at a tame 9 p.m……. most of the time!
A man was rescued from his hydro pod bubble 70 nautical miles east of St. Augustine, Florida, by a Coast Guard search-and-rescue crew Saturday morning.
Watchstanders at the Coast Guard 7th District command center received a report of Reza Baluchi, a U.S. citizen, floating in an inflatable bubble who was reportedly disoriented and asking for directions to Bermuda Wednesday. The Coast Guard Cutter Webber arrived on scene, conveyed the dangers of his voyage and requested Baluchi terminate his trip due to the lack of supplies on board to sustain him.
On board, Baluchi had protein bars, bottled water, a GPS and a satellite phone.
After he refused to leave his raft, the watchstanders continued to monitor his movements until he activated his Personal Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon (PPIRB) Saturday morning due to fatigue. Coast Guard HC-130 and MH-60 aircrafts out of Air Station Clearwater, Florida, launched to begin searching for Baluchi with the assistance of an Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER) vessel, motor vessel Maersk Montana.
The MH-60 aircrew arrived on scene and safely hoisted Baluchi from his inflatable raft and transported him to Air Station Clearwater where emergency medical services evaluated him.
There were no reports of any injuries.

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