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So far in this whole mess surrounding Bill Cosby, the man has taken the high road and refused to comment on the allegations ………………, until this weekend, that is!
Then, the sit hit the fan, and it all backfired on him!
On Friday, Bill Cosby broke his silence to speak to the New York Post’s Stacy Brown, telling her that the black media should be “neutral” when reporting on the multiple rape allegations against him. Today, the President of the National Association of Black Journalists Bob Butler rejected Cosby’s whole premise.
Cosby told Brown, who is part of the black press: Let me say this. I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind.
Today, Butler tells TMZ that “almost all” reports on Cosby’s alleged crimes have been unbiased, and that black journalists should be offended by Cosby’s statement. “You don’t go easier on a person with color,” he says. “Its wrong for journalism period. This not a color issue, this is a journalism issue… black people happen to be reporters.”
Folks, I don’t know if this article bothers me more because it’s an indication of the stupid times we live in, or because it’s another one of those things where other people think they know what’s best for us, better than we do ourselves!
For example!
It’s illegal to text and drive in most provinces, but should it be illegal to text and walk?
One Calgary city Councillor thinks so, and he’s pushing for police to crack down on what he sees as the dangerous practice of distracted walking.
Ward Sutherland says he’s seen distracted pedestrians walk right through moving traffic without looking up, putting themselves and others at risk. He thinks people who don’t look where they’re going should face some consequences, and he plans to broach the issue with Calgary Police.
“What happened to the old days where you look both ways, and cross the street?” Sutherland told CTV Calgary. He said, nowadays, people are too absorbed by their electronics to notice what’s going on around them.
Sutherland hopes to have a conversation with police about how they can promote a more ‘heads up’ attitude among Calgarians.
“We need to work something out,” he said. “Maybe it’s a ticket like crossing the street in an area that you’re not supposed to.”
Distracted walking is not without its consequences. Last May, a 23-year-old man was hit by a cement truck while crossing the street in Calgary. Police say he was wearing headphones.
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One thing for sure kids, getting hit by a dump truck is NOT good!
A Quebec man has become the first person to reach the centre of Antarctica alone, without mechanical assistance – and he’s done it in record time.
Frederic Dion, 37, arrived Monday, by kite-ski, at the point in Antarctica known as the “South Pole of inaccessibility.”
This only leaves us with one question, Bunky!
With all the fuss in the media about ‘out of control’ cops and abuses of authority by police forces across the United States, it strikes me as incredible that Illinois just made photographing, or taking videos of cops, illegal!
Reports are coming in about an Imperial Fighter that crash landed on a section of the Trans Canada this morning.
(This was caught on a motorists dash camera, and please note the two Storm Troopers standing beside their damaged craft, waiting for authorities to arrive!)

untitledOver the weekend a television crew discovered so-called “magic” mushroom in The Queen’s palace gardens.
Initial reports suggest the Queen was last seen dancing amongst the magnolias!

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With all the hoopla around the CBC ya have to wonder why they are slowly going down the tube, until you see an article about the best Christmas lights in Canada, AND THEY NOT ONLY DON’T SHOW THEM, BUT DON’T EVEN GIVE YOU A LINK TO THEM!
It’s the Christmas lights display to end all Christmas lights displays. And as homeowner Gilles Bernier points out, you can dance to it too.
Residents living on Robert-Pilon Street in the Gatineau neighbourhood of Aylmer need only look to the home of Bernier and his partner Mindy Do to remind themselves that the holiday season is fast approaching.
The display, featuring 30,000 lights that line the trees and roof, garage and windows of the two-storey home — all synchronized to six different songs — has been the talk of the neighbourhood since it went live.
Bernier says he got his inspiration from seeing YouTube videos from homes in the United States.
Display required months of preparation
Setting up the display took four months to prepare, two months to install and required Do — a software engineer — to spend hundreds of hours of programming.
“Very frustrating. Why do we do this? You know, you wonder. ‘Why? Why? Why?'”
The couple says dozens of people stop by every night to take it all in.
“People dance here. They are having fun. That’s the part that I like. That’s why I did it mainly,” said Bernier.
As for the potential extra cost to his monthly hydro bill, Bernier says it likely won’t be more than $100 to $150 for the month.
The couple says they don’t plan on taking the display down until Jan. 2.
Fortunately, I put the Perspective Research Department on the case, and they managed to track down a video for you!

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