O.K. boys and girls, it’s time for another edition of “Let’s Get Things Back Into Perspective Here!” (God I love that word!)
Since regular readers know that I live in a constant state of confusion about what’s going on in the world, they will also know that I attempt to set things straight every now and then………, and today is one of those days, bunky!
Los Angeles police opened an investigation on Friday into a woman’s claims that Bill Cosby molested her when she was 15 years old, a department spokeswoman said.
The investigation was opened after Judy Huth, who is suing Cosby for sexual battery, met with Los Angeles police detectives for 90 minutes.
(Huth did not take questions during a news conference, but but her lawyer, Gloria Allred said she was hoping detectives would open an investigation into Cosby’s action.)
Police did not give any additional details about the investigation.
Police Chief Charlie Beck on Thursday urged potential victims of sex abuse by Cosby to speak with detectives, regardless of whether their claims were outside the statute of limitations.
Allred refused to comment on Huth’s lawsuit, which was filed by a different firm.
Meanwhile, Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, accused Huth and another lawyer of extortion and said she attempted to sell her story to a tabloid a decade earlier. Singer’s filing state the other attorney, Marc Strecker, first demanded $100,000 for Huth to remain silent, then raised the demand to $250,000 as more women came forward accusing Cosby of sexual misconduct.
Look folks, I am not going to comment publicly on whether Cosby is guilty, ……or not! But I will say that everyone, including Police Chief Charlie Beck, is in it for the publicity and notoriety, as well as lots of money, since Some of them have already suggested Cosby put tens of millions into a trust fund to settle these claims!
I will say this one more time kids, YES, there are all sorts of incidents of sexual abuse and assault going on, but we have also developed a culture where if a woman just says so, that makes it so!
And that ain’t right!

Steven Del Duca
Transportation Minister
Dear Mr. Del Duca:
Glad to hear you people are finally getting of your butts and doing something about ‘High Speed Rail’ for us poor slobs who are not part of the GTA.
I do have one suggestion for you.
Save a ton of money on environmental assessments and land acquisition costs by widening the 401 a bit and then running the sucker right up the middle!
You’ll save billions, and put a whole bunch of construction workers back on the job!
Allan W Janssen

I was surprised to hear that Sue Ann Arnall, the ex-wife of billionaire Harold Hamm, was given a divorce settlement of ONE BILLION DOLLARS!
Then this woman turns around and says: IT’S NOT ENOUGH!”
Look folks, I don’t care what you left wing bleeding hearts, the feminists, delusional women, tree huggers, and the “swim with the dolphins” group thinks, a billion bucks is more than enough for anyone.
Sure, Harold is worth 18 billion dollars, but when you get past all the rhetoric and bullshit………………………, he’s the guy who made the money in the first place.
To give Sue half of that money just because she was sleeping with him is not only a travesty of justice, but a God Damned shame as well!
Here’s a story that’s right up the alley for the Perspective Naked News Staff:
17865-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Nude-Middle-Aged-Cacuasian-Woman-With-Black-Curly-Hair-Preparing-To-Take-A-ShowerA judge is issuing an arrest warrant for a 77-year-old Utah man who police say was sunbathing nude in his backyard next to a church parking lot.
Court records show the $5,000 cash-only warrant was issued Tuesday after Myron Lee Kipp failed to show up at a court hearing in his lewdness case.
(The man has pleaded not guilty to seven misdemeanor counts of lewdness.)
635533198855670263-nudePolice say Kipp’s neighbors reported he was sunbathing nude in his backyard. His yard has a chain-link fence with no privacy slats. Kipp told an officer he could do want he wanted on his property.
A judge, meanwhile, disagreed with him, saying that not only was he sunning himself where people could see him, but also the fact that he was a 77 year old man sunning himself where people could see him!
Dr. Clive Bruton, a neuropathologist at Runwell PsYou might have read yesterday’s report that about 100 human brains had gone missing from the University of Texas at Austin.
Then followed the news that they had been located, with psych professor Tim Schallert telling the LA Times that UT San Antonio called him to say, “We got those brains!”
But the Times then heard from that school, which said it had no such thing in its possession.
What could be the final answer came shortly thereafter, via a statement put out by UT Austin: “A preliminary university investigation has revealed that UT environmental health and safety officials disposed of multiple brain specimens in approximately 2002 in accordance with protocols concerning biological waste.”
Yup, they threw them down the drain bunky!
Ya might say it was the ultimate “brain drain!”
A friend of “The Mrs. Herself” has a daughter that is traveling the world in search of adventure!
She arrived in the Philippines yesterday, just in time for a Typhoon!
(The Philippines’ military has gone on full alert to respond to a possible catastrophe.)
Well, if she was looking for adventure ………………………., she found it!
Well, well, after J.J. Abrams decided to switch universes and leave “Star Trek 3″ to direct “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” writer and producer Roberto Orci took over the job.
Roberto said he wanted to: “Boldly go where no one has gone before!”
The rest of the crew wasn’t sure exactly where that was, so they let him ‘boldly go’ out the door!
Goodbye, Roberto, Goodbye!
And finally: One more proverbial kick at the cat, folks! (Now I’ve got P.E.T.A. people pissed as well!)
Like I said, just like the gay community constantly overstates their numbers and influence to make themselves seem more mainstream, so to do the feminists and some women go overboard in their equality attempts, to the point where men are considered either idiots, or slobbering sex fiends.
It’s no wonder that a lot of TV commercials now portray men as simpletons who have to be taken by the hand and led around!
On top of that, a lot of women really do think that “saying so‘ makes it so!
As we see in this article!

A University of Virginia student’s harrowing description of a gang rape at a fraternity, detailed in a recent Rolling Stone article, began to unravel Friday as interviews revealed doubts about significant elements of the account. The fraternity issued a statement rebutting the story, and Rolling Stone apologized for a lapse in judgment and backed away from its article on the case.
Jackie, a U-Va. junior, said she was ambushed and raped by seven men at the Phi Kappa Psi house during a date party in 2012, allegations that tore through the campus and pushed the elite public school into the center of a national discussion about how universities handle sex-assault claims. Shocking for its gruesome details, the account described Jackie enduring three hours of successive rapes, an ordeal that left her blood-spattered and emotionally devastated.
The U-Va. fraternity where the attack was alleged to have occurred has said it has been working with police and has concluded that the allegations are untrue. Among other things, the fraternity said there was no event at the house the night the attack was alleged to have happened.
A group of Jackie’s close friends, who are advocates at U-Va. for sex-assault awareness, said they believe that something traumatic happened to her, but they also have come to doubt her account. A student who came to Jackie’s aid the night of the alleged attack said in an interview late Friday night that she did not appear physically injured at the time but was visibly shaken and told him and two other friends that she had been at a fraternity party and had been forced to have oral sex with a group of men.
They offered to get her help and she said she just wanted to return to her dorm, said the student, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.



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