Dear Readers:
I feel I must comment on this issue one more time, and then I will leave it alone!
The first question is: did he do all that stuff he is being accused of?
Probably not!
Did he do some of the stuff he is being accused of?
But that doesn’t matter kids, what is important is that he hasn’t been charged, let alone convicted, of anything.
SO, here’s the conundrum, and my solution to it!
First of all, ya can’t just arbitrarily cancel his shows, BUT, because of the controversy surrounding has appearance, the promoter should be offering a refund for anybody that doesn’t want to go!
Then the people who still want to see him, can do that ……………., and those that don’t can get their money back, and boycott the performance.
Now, we only have one more problem!
Some people want to disrupt the show itself.
Look kids, if they want to protest outside the venue, then that’s their prerogative, but to attempt to cause problems during the show is not only wrong, but illegal as well.
Protest his appearance all you want folks, but if you do it inside while he is on stage, those people should not only be removed, but face charges as well.
In other words, you can’t inflict your own morality on someone else, bunky!

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