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Aficionado’s of online medieval manuscripts—whoever you are—may be intrigued to know about a 14th-century image of Yoda, wide-spread ears and all, NPR reports.
(That’s right kids, Yoda lived for over 900 years, so this was a drawing of him when he was middle-aged!)
But is it really him? “I’d love to say that it really was Yoda, or was drawn by a medieval time traveler,” says curator Julian Harrison, who runs the British Library’s Medieval Manuscripts blog.
“It’s actually an illustration to the biblical story of Samson—the artist clearly had a vivid imagination!”
It’s from a religious volume written in France in the early 1300s called “The Decretals of Gregory IX with gloss of Bernard of Parma” (so it would fit Yoda’s 900-year lifespan, if he had lived today).
(A Yoda drawing from the religious manuscript, “The Decretals of Gregory IX with gloss of Bernard of Parma.” The British Library)
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There, now that we have the good stuff out of the way……………, let’s have a look at some “not very good” stuff!
“National Pride Day” has taken off in the past few years, so other groups are starting to get in on the action too folks!
Alice Day!
Claim: Parents should be extra careful with their children during the annual “Alice Day” or “Pedophilia Pride Day” celebration on April 25.
(From the article. -Ed) A friend shared this link with me, it sounded far-fetched to me so I went to Snopes.
The article is on a blog and is about Alice Day, or Pedophile Pride Day. It states that this is a day that pedophiles celebrate and that we should watch our children especially close today.
Origins: Alice Day is not marked on many calendars, but there may be a small group of people who celebrate “girl-love” and “boy-love” on April 25.
imagesAccording to a widely circulated warning on social media, parents should be extra careful on this unofficial holiday, also known as Pedophilia Pride Day, since predators will be stalking their neighborhoods for child victims. Although there may be no harm in keeping extra careful watch over your children on April 25, it should be noted that warnings about “Alice Day” are largely based on an unofficial, very small idea that was spread on a few Internet forums a few years ago and does not appear to represent an organized phenomenon meriting the attention of law enforcement.
There is no mention of “Alice Day” or “Pedophilia Pride Day” on the web site of the FBI or the Department of Health and Human Services’ Children’s Bureau. The Facebook group “Police Alerts UK & News reports” did post a warning about “Alice Day” on 7 April 2014, but that alert actually originated with the blog Time to Start Caring and not a police department:
1067863-Clipart-Flasher-Man-From-Behind-Royalty-Free-Vector-IllustrationIt’s called Alice Day, named after Alice Liddell and Alice In Wonderland, originally Pedophile Pride Day. There is a whole story circulating the net that this holiday was named after the story that we all love so much. Wow, show you what twisted minds will do.
This holiday for pedophiles is this upcoming week. On this holiday the pedophiles celebrate, rape and molestation of little girls. It is okay to celebrate by loving a female child that day. Ugh, how disgusting is this, that we live in a society that allows this sick animals to go around saying these things about our loved ones.
April is Child Abuse Awareness month and coincidentally (or karmically), it is also the month in which child rapists/molesters/”lovers” reserve for their special “it’s okay to sexually assault children” day — “Alice Day.” Alice Day is to sexual predators of children what Christmas is to Christians.
April 25th. Please watch your children. This is the best defense against any predator out there. They are looking for latch key kids, kids neglected, kids from chemically abused parents, single parents, kids without rules.