2015 is shaping up to be a monumental year for the international climate movement, and Earth Day Canada wants to show the world that Canadians are supportive of meaningful climate action.
As such, Earth Day Canada is creating a 2015 Earth Flag on which we will collect signatures from people across the country who are committed to making Earth Day every day and are doing their part to reduce carbon emissions 20% by 2020. The 2015 Earth Flag will be taken to the COP21 International Climate Conference in Paris this December where a new international agreement on carbon emissions will be signed.
The 2015 Earth Flag is inspired by EDC’s 1992 Earth Flag which collected a total of 500,000 signatures, illustrating Canada’s collective will to protect the planet. The final signatory, then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, took the flag to the 1992 Rio Earth Summit where the first international agreement on climate was signed.
Signatures will be collected in person (at community events, schools, specific sites) and electronically through our website over 5 months, from Earth Day, April 22, to September 22, 2015. These signatures will be placed or printed on pieces of cloth that will be sewn together to create a mosaic flag.
The flag will feature the Earth Day Every Day logo, as well as a 2015 pledge or pledges that represent the goals or commitments of Canadians to make deep carbon reductions.
The 1992 Earth Flag pledge was written by Maurice Strong, the first executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme and former commissioner of the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1986. The 1992 pledge reads as follows:
I pledge to the best of my ability to help make the earth a safe and hospitable home for this and future generations.
The 2015 Earth Flag pledge is:
I pledge to make Earth Day Every Day and reduce my carbon footprint.
We are working with school groups, youth organizations, First Nations, Faith Communities, Non-Governmental Organizations and individuals to revise the pledge for the 2015 Earth Flag. Stay tuned for the new pledge!
We plan to reveal the Earth Flag at an event in early November and collect the final signatures on the Earth Flag by those who will be representing Canadians at the Paris COP21 climate meeting.
In December at the COP21 meetings, Earth Day Canada will display the Earth Flag at a prominent location/event to portray the collective resolve of Canadians to reduce their carbon emissions.