O.K. folks, read the following article, and then remember ……., ya heard it here first!
A survey by dating social network site Skout, cheese heads get more action.
Skout surveyed a total of 4,600 people.
Grilled cheese yields more sex, better people!
Thirty-two percent of grilled cheese lovers reported having sex at least six times a month, whereas only 27 percent of grilled cheese haters said they have sex that often.
According to the survey, the ultimate grilled cheese would be a mix of American and cheddar cheese without toppings, sandwiched between white bread with the crust left on.
Sounds simple enough. The highlights of the survey:
– 86 percent of adults surveyed say they “love” grilled cheese sandwiches.
– 73 percent of people who love grilled cheese sandwiches have sex at least once a month vs. 68 percent of those who don’t care for the sandwich.
– 32 percent of grilled cheese sandwich lovers have sex at least six times a month vs. 27 percent who pass on the melted goodness.
– 81 percent of people who love grilled cheese sandwiches say they have donated their time, money or food to those in need. Only 66 percent of people who dislike grilled cheese say they are as generous.
– While a grilled cheese sandwich may seem like a safe, All-American meal, 88 percent of grilled cheese fans say they are “fairly” or “very” adventurous. Only 75 percent of people who dislike grilled cheese sandwiches say the same.
– 84 percent of grilled cheese sandwich fans love to travel, compared to 78 percent of people who dislike the sandwich.
– 60 percent of adults surveyed say they prefer a grilled cheese sandwich that mixes two types of cheeses. Only 40 percent are grilled cheese purists.
– The most popular cheese is American (41 percent) followed by Cheddar (33 percent), Mozzarella (10 percent), Swiss (8 percent), Provolone (6 percent) and Brie (2 percent).
– White bread is by far the most popular choice (51 percent) followed by wheat (29 percent), sourdough (13 percent), rye (4 percent) and a baguette (3 percent).
– 47 percent say they add extras to their grilled cheese sandwich, like pesto and tomato.53 percent say “just cheese, please!” 28 percent of people who say they usually pass on a grilled cheese sandwich say that if they were to order it, they’d remove the crust. Only 10 percent of people who love grilled cheese sandwiches would remove the crust./
A 30-year-old man suffering from a terminal muscle-wasting disease hopes to be the world’s first recipient of a head transplant.
Valery Spiridinov suffers from a rare muscle wasting disease
Spiridinov has Werdnig-Hoffman disease, a rare genetic condition which stops his muscles growing, meaning they cannot support his adult skeleton.
He told the Mail Online: “Am I afraid? Yes of course I am. But it is not just very scary, but also very interesting.
“But you have to understand that I don’t really have many choices. If I don’t try this chance my fate will be very sad. With every year my state is getting worse.”
o-SERGIO-CANAVERO-570Dr Sergio Canavero hopes to perform the operation within the next two years
Dr Canavero via a paper published in Surgical Neurology International.
He proposes that after severing the head from the body via a clean cut to the spinal column, it would be attached to a living donor body.
Once the major nerves and arteries have been rejoined, the spinal column would be injected with polyethylene glyco, a substance that encourages the fat in cell membranes to join.
In 1971 a Dr Robert White transplanted the head of one monkey onto the body of another
o-HEAD-TRANSPLANT-570The patient would then be placed into an induced coma for several weeks while electrodes would be used to stimulate new nerve connections between the head and the body.
The recipient would be able to speak with the same voice claims Dr Canavero, adding with physiotherapy they would be able to walk within a year.
Dr Canavero and Spiridinov have not yet met and have only communicated via Skype thus far, but they have reportedly been discussing the operation for two years.

(Head transplants have been carried out on dogs, monkeys, mice, etc., all with varying degrees of success. -Ed.)
Just so you don’t think this whole thing is a joke, or a hoax, kids, we have proof of some of the animals the good doctor has already performed a head transplant on!

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