Now I’m bringing this up for a couple of reasons kids.
First of all, we’re not sure if some of these topics are suitable for a high school classroom, let alone a public school group where the average age would be 10 – 14.
Second, one of the authors of the syllabus for this course is former deputy education minister of Ontario, Benjamin Levin, who has just been convicted of child pornography …….., and the Premier of Ontario is a lesbian!
Am I the only one who thinks there is something seriously wrong with this whole thing?
A gargantuan blob of warm water that’s been parked off the West Coast for 18 months is part of a larger pattern that helps explain California’s drought, Washington’s snow-starved ski resorts and record blizzards and cold temperatures here on the East Coast, according to new analyses by Seattle scientists.
(The researchers aren’t convinced global warming is to blame, which puts them at odds with other experts who suspect Arctic melting upset the “polar vortex” and contributed to the misery on the East Coast the past two winters.)
University of Washington climate scientist Nick Bond coined the term “the blob” to describe the pool of water, up to 12.6 degrees Celsius warmer than usual, that blossomed offshore in the fall of 2013. It’s still there, hundreds of miles wide and stretching from Alaska to Mexico.
Average temperatures are now about 6.5 degrees above normal, and climate models predict the anomaly will persist through the end of the year.
In February 2014, the temperature spikes were the most extreme in at least 30 years, and possibly in more than a century.
The researchers found that the presence of the blob also influenced Northwest weather by warming and humidifying onshore flows, which contributed to last year’s muggy summer and thunderstorms that sparked the biggest wildfire in state history.
Rutgers University research professor Jennifer Francis is among those who argue that Arctic melting destabilizes the wind pattern called the polar vortex, which normally confines frigid air to the planet’s far north.
The result is a weakened jet stream with kinks that can deliver extreme weather where it’s not expected.
Francis said there’s good evidence that rapid warming near the North Pole intensifies high-pressure ridges, setting the stage for odd and long-lasting weather patterns.
Police said a woman who was wearing no pants and highly intoxicated was arrested around 1 a.m. Friday in Dayton, while outside banging on an apartment door.
The woman is in the Montgomery County Jail, facing public indecency and disorderly conduct charges. She’s identified as Ashley Sturgill, 27.
According to the Dayton Police report, they were called about a suspicious person complaint with possible sex acts involved.
The officers found Sturgill loudly banging on a door where, it was later determined, she was no longer welcome because of her behavior.
Police tried to get the woman to put on her pants, located on the ground nearby. Instead, the officer reports the woman picked up a white garbage bag, full of trash, and tried to put it on like pants. In the process, she reportedly cut her foot on broken glass.
The wound was photographed to log her injury, then Sturgill was taken to jail ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, with her pants on!
Back when I was a teenager, and in my early twenties, we lived in downtown Toronto and came across a beautiful way to get out of paying for parking tickets.
Basically we just parked wherever we wanted, night and day, and then once or twice a year we would address the problem of mounting fines and penalties.
This involved going to a police station at about 10 o’clock on a Friday night and asking the desk sergeant if we had any outstanding parking fines.
(Oh, did I mention that you had to go in a decent state of intoxication in order to sleep away the night!)
Anyway, after checking us out, the cop said we owed such and such in unpaid fines, and how did we want to pay for them.
Now here’s the rub, bunky!
After pleading poverty to the man in charge he said we would have to be locked up for three days.
Since we came on a Friday night that counted as one day, Saturday was the second day, and Sunday was the third day ………………………., BUT, they didn’t let you out on a Sunday back then so we go released out on Saturday …………, and the day you were release it had to be before noon!
We went in on a Friday night, woke up with a hangover on Saturday morning, and then back on the street by noon!
Sure beat paying for the tickets, but now-a-days people aren’t so lucky!
The City of Regina says it’s using all the powers at its disposal to collect fines from the city’s worst parking violators.
Data from the city shows the top 5 violators are all private vehicles with an outstanding bill of more than $20,000 each in unpaid tickets.
The top five racked up $134,000, with the worst offender having a $34,000 tab.
Top 5 violators owe:
- $34,000
- $27,000
- $26,000
- $24,000
- $23,000
City officials say municipal bylaws and provincial laws are being used to track down the money.
That can include placing a lien on a vehicle, sending a collection agency after the driver, getting a judge involved to force payment or even seizing and selling a vehicle.
Last year, the city doubled the number of parking attendants handing out tickets. It also bumped up the fine to $55 from $45, as well as doubling to the cost of the “early payment” option to $20.
At the time, the city said it was trying to discourage long-term parking at downtown meters, and it expected to bring in $700,000 more each year.
City officials won’t comment on any of the details of the cases it’s taking action against