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Today we have a couple of stories from opposite ends of the spectrum that show just how crazy things are getting in this world!
The Meitiv family, who is once again battling CPS in Maryland over allowing their children to go to the playground unsupervised. (Photo: Facebook)
The Maryland parents investigated by Child Protective Services earlier this year after letting their two young kids head to the neighborhood playground by themselves are back in the hot seat after repeating that offense — something Danielle and Alexander Meitiv publicly vowed to do in March, when CPS closed their case. But this time, following an incident in which police picked up their children from the playground and, along with CPS, subjected them to what Danielle has called a “terrifying detainment,” the family is pushing back with a plan to sue both authorities.
“The Meitivs are rightfully outraged by the irresponsible actions of Maryland CPS and Montgomery County Police,” notes the family’s pro bono lawyer, Matthew Dowd, through a press release posted on Danielle’s Facebook page on Tuesday. “We must ask ourselves how we reached the point where a parent’s biggest fear is that government officials will literally seize our children off the streets as they walk in our neighborhoods.”
The Silver Spring family’s saga began in late December, when an anonymous observer alerted Montgomery County Police that the kids, Rafi, 10, and Dvora, 6, were walking alone half a block from their house. The police brought them home, but six cop cars soon showed up, launching CPS to investigate Danielle and Alexander for child neglect. That prompted a national media firestorm, during which the Meitivs explained that they base much of their parenting philosophy on Lenore Skenazy’s book “Free-Range Kids,” which touts children’s independence. Then, in March, CPS closed the case with the somewhat baffling ruling that the parents had been found “responsible for unsubstantiated child neglect,” essentially meaning they were off the hook. It left the Meitivs rattled but determined.
Bad Mama!
An Augusta-area mother of five is accused of hosting a party that included drugs, alcohol, sex and “naked Twister” for teenagers, including her own daughter, according to police.
bad-mamaRachel Lynn Lehnardt, 35, of Evans, was arrested Monday and charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors, according to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office. She was later released from jail after posting $3,200 bond.
It was Lehnardt herself who prompted police to investigate the party, the police report states. While meeting with her newly appointed Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, Lehnardt said she had recently lost custody of her five children, ages 4, 6, 8, 10 and 16, after hosting a party at her house.
When the 16-year-old texted her mom to ask if she could have friends over “to party,” Lehnardt replied, “come on, let’s party,” Lehnardt told her sponsor.
Lehnardt said she allowed the teenagers to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol in her home, according to police. The party-goers then were allowed to play Twister while nude with Lehnardt, who left the game in order to have sex with an 18-year-old in a bathroom, the report states. Lehnardt allegedly demonstrated various sex toys to the group, police said.
The naked party continued in the home’s hot tub, Lehnardt allegedly told her sponsor. Later when Lehnardt was sleeping, she said she awoke to find someone having sex with her and realized it was her daughter’s 16-year-old boyfriend, according to police.
The 41-year-old AA sponsor reported what Lehnardt told her story to police, who also questioned the mother before the arrest