Dear Readers:
Lots of things confusing me today bunky, including a bit of confusion about how ya can get a free meal just for being old!
There are many perks of growing old — seeing your kids have kids, wearing shirts that say “World’s Best Grandma,” calling rowdy youngsters “whippersnappers” and more — and getting discounts on things is definitely not the least of those.
But one centenarian learned that he’d reached a point where you can actually get a free mail and get paid just for your age.
A 101-year-old New Hampshire man had breakfast on the house at a Manchester restaurant that rewards customers dining on their birthdays with a discount based on their age, reports
So for example, if you’re turning five years old, the restaurant covers 5% of your bill. If you’re 85, you get 85% of your tab paid. That means that at 100, your birthday meal is free — and at 101, you actually get 101% of your meal paid for — or a 1% refund.
Thus, after chomping on scrambled eggs and ham and a piece of chocolate cake for free, the World War II veteran got $0.07 back from the restaurant. Not a bad birthday gift, if you ask me.
Clever dog:
This stray dog approaches some tourists for a handout ……………., watch what happens when he realizes they aren’t going to give him anything!

Advocates for legalizing marijuana launched a petition campaign in Phoenix on Friday seeking a ballot measure that could make Arizona the fifth U.S. state to allow possession, cultivation and consumption of small amounts of pot for recreational use.
untitledNow the only thing complicated about this whole thing is that in order for it to be legal for “recreational use” ya have to prove you’re having a good time!
Shortly after former first lady, senator, and secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced that she would be seeking the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, an old meme comparing her words to those of Adolf Hitler was recirculated online:
But, did Hillary Clinton really say “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society?” Furthermore, does sharing a similar idea with Adolf Hitler make you an evil person?
Well it does if you listen to the Republicans!


Never mind raining cats and dogs kids, in Thailand it’s raining FISH!
Some media outlets tried to give a scientific explanation for the fish rain, claiming that “Monsoon winds lifted the fish from the river and the Indian and Pacific ocean, while others used the photos to prove that the apocalypse was near: