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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Saturday Morning Confusion # 16 1/2!

Many years ago we had a great big German shepherd (dog, not person) and I used to dread springtime when all the snow melted in our back yard, because I was assured of finding piles and piles of do dog shit spread all over the place!

Now it doesn't seem so bad after reading THIS:

Park rangers are at a loss as Colorado's Smuggler Mountain continues to be covered in piles of poop left behind by furry friends.

The Aspen Times reported this just a month after volunteers cleaned up roughly 600 pounds of dog poop and Pitkin County Open Space and Trails launched an awareness campaign.

Rangers have also flagged another 50 or so piles in the same section of the trail this past week.


Well folks, here is one guy who just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut!

Women using the #BreastiesStrong hashtag have a message they want to get off their chests: "Don't shame us for having breasts."

The #BreastiesStrong hashtag took off on social media this week in response to an inflammatory Facebook post by a Sussex, N.B., pastor who said women should be "embarrassed" by their cleavage.

In the controversial post, Pastor Philip Hutchings, of the Higher Life Christian Centre, said women who take selfies with their cleavage visible (though not exposed) are "insecure."

Hutchings addressed his original Facebook post to "insecure women" who he said "conveniently" include their chests in their selfies. "Don't need your weird aerial views. We are embarrassed for you," he said. "I know you're trying to make up for other losses… but let's be honest… the whole pic is a loss."

Hutchings concluded the post with the words "PLEASE SHARE… LET'S SAVE LIVES!" and the hashtag #AgainstBreasties.

The #BreastiesStrong hashtag soon cropped up in response to Hutchings' words, with many women proudly posting their "breasties" in defiance.

"In essence, it's a selfie taken from above, which is a flattering angle for most people," N.B. tattoo artist Jesse Lynn-Jenkins told CTV Atlantic. "It just so happens that the chest happens to be in it."

Some of the photos include breast puns in their captions or otherwise poke fun at Hutchings and his original message.



Police officers are people, too. And like us, they share their hilarious finds on Twitter. Take this example: Police in Murdoch, Western Australia, were executing a search warrant on a house in Perth, relating to a burglary investigation, when they uncovered a rather amusing to-do list, reports.

It described an individual's busy Saturday laid out with helpful reminders like "go to bus stop" and "go get lunch (chips and gravy)," per Mashable. The last two entries on the 10-item list, adding fuel to the idea that marijuana causes memory problems, were "go home and get a stick" and then "chop up and get stoned"—because, you know, sometimes you forget.

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