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Thursday, 14 May 2015

The butt of all jokes!

Well folks, I guess it's safe to say that just about everyone has gotten a wedgie at some time in their life, and while unpleasant, and even embarrassing, it is usually quickly forgotten.

Not so with a guy in Oklahoma, who will remember this for a long, long time!

An Oklahoma man has pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in the death of his stepfather, who was found dead with his underwear pulled over his head, with the elastic band cutting off his air, the Shawnee News-Star reports.

Brad Davis, 34, had initially been charged with first-degree murder but the former Marine pleaded guilty to the lesser charge before trial could begin on Monday, saying he had killed 58-year-old Denver Lee St. Clair in the "heat of passion while defending myself in a fight that got out of hand and went too far," reports the Oklahoman.


This story proves that it's not smart to insult people in other countries because they generally don't have a sense of Humour about their religion. 

Inappropriate photo shoots of one's buttocks are NOT appreciated.

A third set of tourists has allegedly been found doing just that at Cambodia's Angkor temple complex in broad daylight. 

The Cambodia Daily reports that two unnamed men around 30 years in age—one Italian, one Argentine—were allegedly spotted, bare-bottomed, by Ta Prohm temple guards at 2pm on Sunday. 

The guards say a 19-year-old Dutch woman was capturing their posteriors for posterity, and all three were arrested. 

Adding a slight ironic twist to the unwise shoot: The Ta Prohm sanctuary holds a giant face representing Prajnaparamita, which Atlas Obscura explains is "the personification of wisdom." 

It's unclear what will happen next to the tourists: The Phnom Penh Post reports they face deportation, and the prosecutor is said to be weighing whether to summarily try the trio or pass the case to an investigating judge.