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Friday, May 15, 2015

The straight story!

Well folks, for anyone who has seen "2001: A Space Odyssey" you will remember how the apes in the opening scenes were helped down the evolutionary path by a mysterious black monolith. (The film then follows a voyage to Jupiter with the sentient computer Hal after the discovery of mysterious black monoliths affecting human evolution. The film deals with the themes of existentialism, human evolution, technology, artificial intelligence, and extraterrestrial life.)


After a great amount of investigation, the Perspective Research Department has discovered that clubs weren't the only things that the Monoliths bestowed on our distant fore bearers.  

No sir, it seems that those particular apes were propelled down "smart street" a lot further and faster than anyone imagined. 

Just a few short years later we obtained this photo of one of the simians during a relaxing moment on the great African savanna.


Nova Scotia's transportation minister says the Bluenose II is on track to start sailing early this summer.

Geoff MacLellan says crews have finished half of the roughly 25 items on a list that needs to be complete before the replica of the famed racing schooner can sail.


" Supreme Court rejects federal bid to consider Omar Khadr adult offender "

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Federal government wants Omar Khadr to be classified as an adult offender instead of a juvenile ....................., meanwhile, we here at Perspective believe this guy should be classified as a "dangerous offender!"

He, and his entire family have been involved in terrorism from the "get-go" and shouldn't be walking the streets!


Did she, or didn't she say this? (Only her hairdresser knows for sure!)

"Sarah Palin said that it's time to get someone with a regular name back in the White House."

"It will be nice to have a president with a normal name back in the White House. Ted or Scott or Donald. I mean, how can you claim to be an American and have a name that sounds like you have camels for pets?"


Ed Asner has filed for divorce from his wife Cindy – eight years after they first separated.