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Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Naked and the Brave!


This is the shocking moment a naked man jumps into a patrol car and drives off, leaving a policeman stood on the side of the road.
The footage shows the nude man wandering into traffic and trying to flag down passing cars, telling them he has been poisoned.
The policeman is trying to coax the man, identified as 37-year-old Jesus Tarango, out of danger as he shouts "ouch".
Mr Tarango is then seen sprawled across the police car, before spotting an opportunity and making a dash for the police car's driving seat.

(The footage shows the nude man wandering into traffic and trying to flag down passing cars, telling them he has been poisoned.)

As he drives away, the cop shouts at him, before giving up calling the theft in over his radio.
He tells base: "He’s stolen my unit, he’s taken off eastbound on Llano, in my unit, running lights."
Moments later, still at the side of the road, the cop hears Mr Tarango on his car radio.
He said: "I need help, this officer didn’t want to help me.
"I’m poisoned, that’s why I got the car."
He then drove to a nearby hospital and was taken into custody at the door.
He was treated for injuries received before he came into contact with police, but it’s unclear what those injuries are.
The footage was recorded on the deputy's bodycam on July 4th


Folks it's no secret that your humble reporter hates former President George W Bush, and likes Dick Cheney even less ................, so it came as no surprise when I read THIS article:

Former President George W. Bush charged $100,000 to speak at a charity fundraiser for U.S. military veterans severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, and former First Lady Laura Bush collected $50,000 to appear a year earlier, officials of the Texas-based Helping a Hero charity confirmed to ABC News.
The former President was also provided with a private jet to travel to Houston at a cost of $20,000, the officials said.
Image result for dick cheneyThe charity, which helps to provide specially-adapted homes for veterans who lost limbs and suffered other severe injuries in “the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said the total $170,000 expenditure was justified because the former President and First Lady offered discounted fees and helped raise record amounts in contributions at galas held in 2011 and 2012.
“It was great because he reduced his normal fee of $250,000 down to $100,000,” said Meredith Iler, the former chairman of the charity.
However, a recent report by Politico said the former President’s fees typically ranged between $100,000 and $175,000 during those years.
One of the wounded vets who served on the charity’s board told ABC News he was outraged that his former commander in chief would charge any fee to speak on behalf of men and women he ordered into harm's way.


Well, another case of evolution thinning the herd, boys and girls:

Another man is dead after reportedly shooting a firework off his own body, this time in Texas. Postal worker Justin Bartek, 30, was setting off fireworks with friends along the Colorado River in Columbus early yesterday when he put a Medieval Knight, a large, tube-shaped firework, on his chest and set it off.

He was rushed to Columbus Community Hospital with critical injuries and later died, reports KPRC.


A Canadian man's business marketing stunt is likely to cost him a lot more money than he planned to spend.

Image result for upDaniel Boria is charged with mischief after tying more than 100 helium-filled balloons to a garden chair and flying over Calgary in a publicity stunt that went bad!

(Sounds like a repeat of that movie "UP!")


For all you people who didn't believe me when I said yesterday that it has been about 16 degrees and raining for the last 52 days in Glasgow, Scotland, (Just a normal summer folks!)

Get a load of THIS:

Glasgow, Scotland