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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Does anyohne remember "Dolly the Sheep?"

Well folks, in the "where are they now" category, does anyone remember "Dolly the Sheep?" (Photo courtesy of Imgur.)
Photo courtesy of Imgur.

Remember that time everyone was going crazy because science had managed to clone a sheep? Well, it happened back in 1995 and that sheep was named Dolly. This special and groundbreaking sheep was the first mammal to ever be cloned and was the subject of intense controversy. As monumental as Dolly’s existence was though, it wasn’t enough to hold the public’s attention for all that long, and Dolly was quickly forgotten by the mainstream.

Oh wait, that doesn't look like Dolly ....., THIS looks like Dolly!
 Image result for sheep
No, it might not be Dolly after all .........., I think THIS looks more like her!
 Image result for sheep
Hold on, that doesn't seem like it's the right sheep ....., more like THIS was Dolly!
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 Wait a minute, THIS looks more like a picture of her!!!!
 Image result for sheep

Well can ya beat that?  Some guy from the Perspective Naked News Department said THIS is what the real "Dolly the sheep" looks like!
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Oh for God's sake kids, we can't keep on like this so I had some people from the Perspective Research Department look into it ....., and THIS is definitely the real "Dolly the Sheep!"
Image result for sheep
OK folks, we don't know what's going on, BUT DOLLY IS DEFINITELY SOMEWHERE IN THIS HERD OF SHEEP!
 Image result for HERD OF sheep
(Dolly and the rest of the herd later that night!)
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