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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Trudeau gets one right about the F-35!

Dear Readers:

Since we don't play politics here on this blog, but rather say what we want, and mean ...., I have to give Justin Trudeau a thumbs up on his latest proclamation.

(Matter of fact, we might even make him our "Winner of the Day!")

Yup, Justin said he would cancel the F-35 fighter program and throw the door open to a general competition for our new generation jet.

So far, so good, but might we suggest the most logical choice for a replacement for the overly expensive and unsuitable F-35 debacle.

The F-18 SUPER HORNET! (Australia already made this decision.)

Although the list of reason why is long, a few major points are:
1. Cost
2. Effectiveness
3. Range.

Image result for super hornetThe Super Hornet has the same support infrastructure that we use now with the regular Hornet ..., AND it costs less than half of what the F-35 does, so we can buy 130 planes instead of 65. 

It has TWICE the range. (Which is what we need for Canada's far north) 

It has two engines, (Once again for the northern patrols it is much safer with two engines instead of one!) 

It has the same capabilities as the F-35 except for stealth, (Which we don't need anyway with our stand-off missile systems) 

It might be able to achieve "super cruise." (Vital for northern patrols) 

AND: It includes a whole bunch of extra support aircraft in the deal ...., which the F-35 doesn't!

Now there are lots of other reasons as well kids, but we can't get into all of them in this limited space ....., so this is one of the best articles I have seen on the logic of Canada acquiring a fleet of Super Hornets instead of the F-35