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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Like it or not, Chrissie Hynde is our "Winner of the Day!"

Boy have we got a "Winner of the day" for ya today kids: It's Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders.

Just get a load of THIS headline:  Chrissie Hynde Blames Rape Culture On Contemporary Pop Stars

Yup, this girl has been making music, waves and news for many years now and she just pissed off a lot of the P.C. crowd when she made some very interesting statements about feminism, political correctness and a whole bunch of other stuff!

the Associate Entertainment Writer, The Huffington Post.  (I gotta tell ya folks, this woman is NOT impressed with Chrissie!)

Just a short time after The Pretenders singer said women should take responsibility for their own rape if they are inviting sexual attention, Hynde has extended blame to today's pop stars, because, according to the Daily Mail, the singer said contemporary stars are "responsible for a great deal of damage" in an interview on BBC’s Woman’s Hour.

"I don’t think sexual assault is a gender issue as such, I think it’s very much ... it’s all around us now. It’s provoked by this pornography culture, it’s provoked by pop stars who call themselves feminists. Maybe they’re feminists on behalf of prostitutes -- but they are no feminists on behalf of music, if they are selling their music by bumping and grinding and wearing their underwear in videos. That’s a kind of feminism -- but, you know, you’re a sex worker, is what you are."

Meanwhile, true blue supporters of the feminist movement and all things Politically Correct chimed in with Lily's negative view of Chrissie: “Victims of sexual violence should never feel or be made to feel that they were responsible for the appalling crime they suffered -- regardless of circumstances or factors which may have made them particularly vulnerable," said Victim Support director Lucy Hastings, according to The Guardian. “They should not blame themselves or be blamed for failing to prevent an attack -- often they will have been targeted by predatory offenders who are responsible for their actions."

Chrissie, meanwhile, ignores the controversy and just continues to make music!

(I think I might be a little biased regarding Christie since I knew her briefly when we both hung around in the same circles back in my Yorkville days in Toronto!)


John Bougae
Ugh, Lily Karlin, the truth hurts. Sorry but she hit the nail right on the head. Nobody deserves to get raped, but her stating facts about today's pop stars rings 100% true, deal with it.

Peggy Copeland Roberts ·

If you dress and behave in a sexully explicit way, you will get the male's attention.

Al Smith
Oh and your post also seems to assume that most men are potential rapists, which they aren't. Most men are good people and are not prone to raping a woman because they find her attractive.

Peggy Copeland Roberts ·

Al Smith Hopefully, they will not get your attention. Attention and raping are two different things.

Areya Walker ·

Yes, yes, yes, ugh, yes. "...pop stars who call themselves feminists." ugh.

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