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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Loser of the Day!

Dear Readers:

Boy have we got a "Loser of the Day" for ya today, bunky!

I just saw this article in 'Gawker' and couldn't resist passing it on.
A 23-year-old Chicago man recently made the misdial of a lifetime when he accidentally sexted a potential employer, sending the company’s HR manager a nude picture of himself. 
Then, the Chicago Tribune reports, he did it again.
Authorities say the HR manager contacted police after receiving two naked selfies between August 11 and August 13, only realizing the sender was the job applicant when he made a followup call the next morning.
According to the police report, officers then “contacted the offender who admitted to sending the photographs, explaining they were actually meant for another individual and were sent to the employer in error.”
Officers subsequently advised the sexter to cease all contact with the sextee.
 Job Seeker Accidentally Sends Naked Selfies to HR Manager

“There was a conditional offer of employment made to this particular applicant,” Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth told the Tribune. “My understanding is they’ve rescinded the offer.” (Ya Think?)


Seems there's a small town in Quebec where they not only banned all non-French speaking residents, but are in the process of outlawing all NON-CHRISTIANS as well!

No word yet from the Jewish community,  the Atheists or Hindu's, but the Muslims are said to be terribly offended, and God only knows what's gonna happen next!

(On a side note: With the refugee crisis in Europe, Slovakia and maybe a few others in the next few days, are now saying they will only take Christians because the Muslims cause too many problems! Like it or not, politically correct or not, that's the reality of the situation folks!!!!!!)


From the Huffington Post: Canadian Neil Young is selling his Estate and moving back to a cabin north of Winnipeg in an effort to re-capture his youth!

Neil Young's Big Island Estate Is A Hawaiian Paradise. (We'll take it.)

Singer-songwriter Neil Young is selling his Wai'alea Bay Estate on the Big Island and boy, is it beautiful. And for only $24.5 million, you can buy his three-acre slice of Hawaiian paradise and just a little bit of musical history.
The property consists of a Hawai'i-style beach house from the 1920s, with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, two guest cottages, two greenhouses and a pool.
The secluded estate also sits on its own peninsula, so you have the house -- and the surrounding acreage -- all to yourself. Aloha, privacy!
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In addition to the three acres Wai'alea Bay comes with, new owners also have the added luxury of  830 feet of ocean real estate. With room for plenty of surfing, snorkeling and fishing, you'll never want to leave this perfect property.

 Image result for cabin in the woods


 Even though North American Natives were part of a Stone Age Culture, they had an Achievement Awards Night a few days ago that recognized the introduction of tobacco to New England Colonists as a payback for all the land they had stolen from them by the white man!


Seems Taylor Swift did blow her nose backstage during the VMA's last weekend, but we had absolutely no idea why this matters to the press! (Unless, of course, she put her finger on the side of her nose and just honked one on the floor!!!!!)


It's too bad that the show 'Key and Peele' is going off the air soon since they are one of my favourite programs!


Hey kids, remember "Baywatch?" Want to see what some of them look like NOW?