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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

No Olympics for Toronto?

Initial reports to the Perspective Naked News Department tell us that Hogtown will not bid on the 2024 Olympics ............, pity!

(Toronto had it's best chance back when Atlanta beat us out for the bid.)

Oh well!

Image result for stephen colbert net worth----------------------------------

On the entertainment scene Steven Colbert is doing a so-so job on the Late Show!

I had my doubts that he was the right guy for the job, and unfortunately I might be right!


TORONTO -- Three Toronto-area universities have taken down posters around campus that appear to advertise a students' group for white students.
The University of Toronto, Ryerson University and York University all said the group, called 'Students for Western Civilization,' was not sanctioned at any of the schools and not allowed to put up the posters.
The people behind the group couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

Folks I have to agree with this decision because it invokes fears of  a "White Supremacy" union, but just the same ......., would we get the same reaction from something that was for blacks? (White Students for Western Civilization, vs. Black Students for Western Civilization!)


Image result for skeleton under tree clipartBack about the year 1600 a young man died and was buried in a field in Ireland.

They planted a little tree to mark the site, and that would normally have been the end of it! Instead, a wind storm just toppled the tree, and there in the roots was what remained of the guys skeleton.

They're going to re-bury him at the local church!(Just like Jesus, he made a belated come-back!)


Hey kids, how's THIS for a story?

(Reuters) - Sony Corp and Olympus Corp said they plan to unveil an ultra high-definition surgical endoscope this week, the first major product from a joint venture formed three years ago.

(Yup, nothing like having your shit in "high definition" when you're getting a colonoscopy!)


Just in case you were wondering, this is the size of the rock that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago! (That's L.A. underneath!)



I just love this headline!!!!!

NASA reminds us that astronaut poop burns up ‘like shooting stars!’


Think sleeping is a waste of time?

Image result for sleepy guy clipartShakespeare wrote in his tragic play Macbeth that slumber is a “Balm of hurt minds” and “Chief nourisher in life's feast.” In this issue's cover story, sleep researcher Robert Stickgold explains the many ways those statements are far more than pretty turns of phrase. In fact, it is physiologically vital that we spend about a third of our lives unconscious.
Dozing, Stickgold writes, is involved in a “multitude of biological processes—from the inner workings of the immune system to proper hormonal balance, to emotional and psychiatric health, to learning and memory, to the clearance of toxins from the brain.” Losing a few hours of shut-eye depresses various functions, reducing our cognitive and memory powers, souring our mood, even reducing our body's ability to defend against infections. If we did not snooze at all, eventually we would die.


Well, They might be more lenient with "fair use" on the Internet after this! (I certainly hope so, otherwise this blog is in trouble!)

Some potentially good news this morning -- which may be undermined by the fine print. After many years of back and forth, the 9th Circuit appeals court has ruled that Universal Music may have violated the DMCA in not taking fair use into account before issuing a DMCA takedown request on a now famous YouTube video of Stephanie Lenz's infant dancing to less than 30 seconds of a Prince song playing in the background. Because of this, there can now be a trial over whether or not Universal actually had a good faith belief that the video was not fair use.

This case has been going on forever, and if you've watched the video, it's kind of amazing that a key case on fair use should be focused on that particular video, where you can barely even make out the music. The key question was whether or not Universal abused the DMCA in not first considering fair use before sending the take-down. This is fairly important, because, of course, DMCA take-downs suppress speech and if fair use is supposed to be the "pressure valve" that stops copyright from violating the First Amendment, it has to actually mean something