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Monday, 28 September 2015

Not all a bed of roses with the immigrants to Germany!

 Dear Readers:

I was reading a blog from my cousin in Germany and apparently everything is not a bed or roses as far as the immigrant/refugee problem over there is concerned!

Germany has stated that they will take in up to a million refugees to help replace their aging workforce, but a lot of people are asking just what caliber of immigrant they will end up getting if there are no controls put in place.


This is a Google translation from the original German, but I believe it accurately describes some of the dissenting voices to this very liberal immigration policy!

Who dares to criticize the immigration policy of Angela Merkel, is called heartless and excluded from the debate. This approach entails long-term trusted hazards.
A few days ago told the German chancellor, the right to asylum do not know any limit. And she added: "If we have to begin to apologize that we show in emergency situations, a friendly face, then it's no longer my country." Who actually requires that we must apologize for a friendly face? Germany is a friendly country, its citizens are helpful. But they do not also have the right to criticize the government and to wonder about what just happened in their country? For weeks is only talked about how the integration of illegal immigrants should be handled. But nobody raises the question of whether we want this immigration. Instead, critics who raise their voices against the virtue delusion, informed by the authorities that they are heartless and should not be involved in the debate on immigration. Germany is a country without opposition, whose government wants only spoken language in it and only one view is represented. But this does not work out, because social peace jeopardized and the poor are forced to deal with the consequences that uncontrolled immigration, who conjured up the wealthy.
Prudence and reason but in the realm of moral teacher, in which the leading media Germany transforms have prohibited. Who refers to the common sense, risking exclusion and ostracism. Many remain silent because they do not want to accuse them that they were right - and should therefore not be involved in the public discourse. Who violates the conventions of virtue Republic, is exiled to darkness Germany. The subject should be silent and praise what he presents the government as a reality. However, he should sit down with the force of argument to defend. After all, the problems do not disappear just because they beschweigt. The Prudent would present to ask lots of questions to politicians. Why is the government breaking European law, and why it defies laws regulating the asylum procedure? Why should an immigrant can claim social benefits, have worked for those who are already here, for decades? People who can not find housing because her salary is not enough, do not understand why the social safety net should be there for those who have not contributed to its financing. You turn away, because politics no longer interested in them. But you have to deal with the consequences of mass immigration. Of which want those who have decided that Germany should be a multiethnic state, hear nothing.
Display The government stated that it would physicians and academics who enriched Germany. One might believe what is sold to us as a certainty if immigration would be controlled. In truth, no one knows who is coming and whether any immigrants is an asset. But the veil of silence on the dark side of uncontrolled immigration is thrown and the opposite summoned from what can be seen every day in our daily lives. It is in the nature of the asylum procedure that you do not know and do not know must know who is coming. An applicant for asylum must be just about the reasons for his prosecution, but do not have professional qualifications information. Anyone can join, and most immigrants to remain, because the reasons for asylum is not checked and the deportation of rejected applicants can rarely be enforced. Germany has given up its national sovereignty and the decision as to who may come and who remain in the hands of illegal immigrants placed. Of the neighboring countries in Eastern Europe want nothing to do with good reason. Because they are the European Union did not intervene to give up their national sovereignty, but to protect them. After decades of paternalism, they do not want to be taught by German Chancellor what is morally required and what is not. Germany now has the bill for the irresponsible policies of his government to pay: it is left alone because it alone would decide what all to do. Germany will change beyond recognition. The social peace and cohesion are at stake. One can only hope that Germany, does not break at the task, to cope with the uncontrolled mass immigration. The Chancellor but closes its eyes to the disaster that it has caused. Elsewhere politicians are already resigned from nichtigeren reasons. Jörg Baberowski Jörg Baberowski, 54, is a professor of the History of Eastern Europe at the Humboldt University in Berlin. In several partly award-winning books he dealt with Stalinism. In its latest publication (spaces of violence), he examines the social, cultural and scientific dealing with violence.