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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

There is more than enough pain to go around!

Dear Readers:

Many times on this Blog your ever vigilant reporter has presented news and public interest items from the mainstream media with only a few comments from myself. 

In other words, I bring other people's point of view to these pages with a brief commentary from yours truly on the validity or error, misguided intentions or dead-on assessment, illumination or subterfuge of whatever the hell today's topic happens to be!!!! 

But not today!

Today I would like to take the bull by the horns and state my opinion on a subject that has rocked our community for the past year or so.

Last summer (2014) a woman was shopping at the local Costco down by the 401, and as she was leaving she backed out of her parking spot, but somehow got her foot tangled in the pedals.

The car ran backwards, and with only an inch or two to spare on either side, shot between the guard posts at the entrance to the store, and then crashed through the front lobby.

(It gets much worse kids!) 

A woman was just leaving the store ......, and her six year old daughter, and her unborn fetus, (She was about 8 or 9 months pregnant) were killed by the errant car, and she was hospitalized. 

(Now, here comes the rub, bunky!)

Was the woman driving the car at fault?

Of course!

Was it done intentionally?

Of course not!


During her sentencing hearing yesterday there were people who actually petitioned the court to send her away to the big house for a while. (Fortunately cooler heads prevailed, and she was given a suspended sentence, plus a couple of hundred hours of community work.)

Now here's the point, ladies and gentlemen. In spite of what the vengeful few would have us believe, there would be no point in sending this woman off to jail except to exacerbate an already horrendous situation. 

Prison time would not bring the kids back, and besides that, this poor woman is already doing a life sentence since she has to live with the consequences of what happened on that day for as long as she is on this good green Earth! 

End of story!