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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Another rip-off!

Dear Readers:

Another rip-off, and another reason to be careful about what you order on-line.

My computer was running slow and I did the usual things like deleting my search history and re-booting the computer, but there was no appreciable difference, so I decided to see what was available as an 'app' to perk up my old, tired, computer!

I found a program called 'Tweak' something or other, and since it was recommended by Microsoft I decided to splurge, [sic] and spend $4.95 for the download.

For some reason it wouldn't take my credit card and they didn't accept PayPal, so I gave up on it! (And yes, my card was good because I checked my balance and I had 14 bucks available on that card!)


The reason it wouldn't take my card was because the actual price was $19.95, NOT the $4.95 they advertised, so naturally with only 14 bucks available ...., it didn't go through!

So, here's the reason for writing this little ditty, kids!

I don't know how to get around this deception from people who advertise products on the 'net,' but it makes me very wary of dealing with on-line merchants of any size or shape. (Even if Bill Gates vouches for them!)


P.S. NO, this is not a tongue-in-check post, because every time I put my tongue in my check I end up biting it! (And we all know how much that hurts!!!)