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Friday, 15 January 2016

Refugees have Germany Divided!

Dear Readers:

 Some of the many letters we get here at "Allan's Perspective" are about the refugees in Germany, and why they are now having so much trouble with them.

Here are some examples:

 They are not political refugees. They are opportunistic economic migrants.
They still want their culture, but in another country. This is what makes refugees so much different and dangerous than actual migrants traveling to find another life. They only wish to escape having to fight to keep their values. We are essentially letting them get out of having to fight for their own country so they can bring their shitty values with them.

If they were leaving to get away from war they would've stopped at Turkey. They came to Germany for benefits and to abuse the welfare state. Because they didn't leave to get away from their shit culture. They left to get away from war. 


They come from a different culture. Let's be honest, the culture in Arab nations don't particularly give much respect to women. And most importantly: they refuse to adapt to the values and culture of their host countries. That is absurd given the generosity of countries like Germany in taking them in. It's like if I were to come into your house, shit on your rug, and complain that your house smells like shit and demand you clean it. 

(And dats the name of that tune!)   


FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Facebook has hired a Bertelsmann business services unit to monitor and delete racist posts in Germany following widespread public criticism of the company for failing to do enough to halt hate speech, a spokeswoman said in Friday.
"Through this investment, Facebook wants to make sure that reports about content that may violate our community standards can be dealt with even more effectively," a Facebook spokeswoman said.
Top German politicians and celebrities have voiced concern about the rise of anti-foreigner comments on Facebook and other social media as the country struggles to cope with a tide of new migrants that amounted to 1.1 million last year alone.



Well we finally have a cry of reason in the vast wilderness of political correctness!

The State of Virginia has drafted a laws that says if you go to a public washroom you have to use the one that is compatible with your "anatomical" equipment.  (In other words, ya can't pull and "Eric Cartman!")

It's about time!


Hey folks, let's not be so hard on Justin Beiber all the time. he's not the only one getting in trouble a lot:

The hottest of the Backstreet Boys is now also the one most likely to try to choke a bouncer during a night of drunken bar-hopping.
On Wednesday, Nick Carter (long known by fans and observers as “the cute Backstreet Boy”) was arrested at Hog’s Breath Saloon, a popular open-air bar in Key West, Florida. According to the Key West Police incident report, Carter, along with his drinking buddy Michael Rae Papayans, stopped by Hog’s Breath in the early evening—visibly intoxicated, slurring his speech, and belligerent. The bar’s staff refused to serve them and repeatedly tried to get both men to leave.
Things escalated when the two men started getting physically violent with the bouncers and restaurant employees, resulting in at least one of them bloodied and disoriented on the sidewalk when the cops arrived on the scene.


We've heard of a lot of way to smuggle drugs into the States here in S.W. Ontario, including through Boblo Island when it was still open, and across the St. Clair river into Michigan.

But, if nothing else, this guy gets an "A" for effort!
A 21-year-old Quebec man is in police custody in Vermont for allegedly trying to smuggle more than 82 kilograms of prescription pills across the border into the United States on a sled. The U.S. Attorney's Office says C├ędrik Bourgault-Morin was apprehended around 1 a.m. Wednesday after he crossed the border from Quebec near Sutton along a railroad line into North Troy, Vermont. Police say the route is a known pathway for smuggling between the two countries. Prosecutors say Bourgault-Morin was wearing white camouflage and Border Patrol agents were alerted to his presence when he triggered a sensor. They allege the agents caught him as he was trying to bury the sled in snow. Agents found 300 vacuum-sealed bags of anti-anxiety Xanax pills in a duffel bag on the sled. They say the pills had a street value of $1.6 million. Bourgault-Morin faces charges of possession with intent to distribute the pills, which are a schedule IV controlled substance in the United States. If convicted, Bourgeault-Morin faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


I had to look twice when I read this headline: "Carly Fiorina In Three-Way With Mike Huckabee And Rick Santorum!"
Now I'm not positive, but i think they meant the debate ....., not anything else! (Although these days ya never know!)


We got a great "Winner of the Day" for ya folks! (Or maybe we should call her our "Loser of the Day!")

Cindi Hachey celebrated her 50th birthday this month, but seven years ago she wasn't sure she was going to make it to 50. Hachey says she weighed around 400 pounds, but that's only an estimate as she was too ashamed to step on a scale. That's when Hachey completely changed her lifestyle, which eventually led her to running at the Regent Mall in Fredericton.
Now, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Hachey runs at the mall, but that wasn't the first exercise she tried. She started by swimming at the Fredericton Indoor Pool.Cindi Hachey"That was probably one of the most difficult things for me to do because at that size and getting into a bathing suit and going out into a public place. Yeah, that was the hardest day I ever had just to get started," said Hachey.

Lifestyle changes

She also changed her diet.

She stopped drinking pop, and had chocolate only once a week. As Hachey started losing weight, she felt she needed to do more than swim. She made walking at the mall her full-time exercise routine.
Though she never stepped on a scale, Hachey estimates she weighed around 400 pounds based on the clothes she was buying. (CBC News)
"I've had so much support with all the running people and the people who work in the mall and they're such a wonderful group and they just keep me going," said Hachey.